Samson Isola – For working hard and always trying to give his best.
Raj Tripathi – For his improved attitude to learning this week, and for being helpful to his peers.
Finley Rees – for his effort with his handwriting. A super improvement.
Elizabeth Nganwa – for her enthusiasm during lessons and trying to manage her time better.

Idris Douis – An excellent effort and perseverance in English.
Freddie Wood – For excellent reading comprehension on Monday and giving detailed answers.
Zimo Chen – For excellent practical work in Science and listening to advice about improving English work.
Maliha Muhammad – For super focus in English and listening to advice as to how to improve.

Tabitha Shaw – For showing a positive approach to every aspect of school life and contributing thoughtfully in class.
Sebastian Raine – Excellent manners and perseverance in all his activities.
Samuel Sapey – For being helpful to his peers and excellent effort during English lessons.
Emily de Bono – For trying hard to improve the presentation of her work and for her enthusiasm in recent Humanities and RE lessons.

Adam Bharmal – For demonstrating a conscientious and thoughtful manner to all his classwork in, and out, of school.
Kevin Ge – For an improved effort during lessons and contributing more in class discussions
Maysahm Hamilton – Showing significantly increased confidence and determination to contribute in class.
Jack Robinson – Well organised, participates well in lessons, showing kindness to others.
Faiz Ahmad – For showing an increased level of confidence and greater contributions in all lessons!

Sahib Pahal – for being a kind and considerate member of the Year 3 Bubble house. Tejvir Kaur Rai – For excellent manners and encouraging others with kindness. Aditya Solanki – Providing some musical therapy in the form of a beautifully uplifting piano solo. Keya Sidhu – For being outstandingly helpful in the Year 6 House
Amelia Li – for showing BCS values at all times in House. Jerry Kang – For impeccable manners, always showing kindness to others and being ready to lend a hand. Munashe Jindu – Unprompted tidying up of the Quiet Room with great attention to detail. Blake Bushell – For showing good manners and positive relationships with others.

The winner of this week’s House Competition with 2441 points is…



St. Philip’s House.


Isa Haroon – For his can do attitude and cheerful approach to everything in school.
Emily Newman – For always showing the Blue Coat Values in everything she does, and for always putting all of her effort into what she is doing.

Salmaan Mughal – For always being such a cheerful and kind soul to others in class
Umar Ayub – For always being so polite, kind and helpful.

Sinai Hamilton – For her excellent contributions and perseverance in all lessons, both in the classroom and during Distance Learning.
Thomas McGing – For his contributions and perseverance in all lessons, particularly Maths

Beatrice Salvi – For her excellent attitude to her studies, sports and musical life at Blue Coat.
Ramneek Chatha – For always committing to their work, contributing to class discussions and a brilliant performance as ‘a baddie’ in our class assembly.
Jacob Romano – For showing a positive attitude to all aspects of school life and consistently displaying Blue Coat Values.

TEAM OF THE WEEK  (Pupils from each year group are nominated for a school wide team)
Samson I
Rayan Basu
Aditya S
Sai C
Shruti Sivaraman
Thomas McGing
Arjun Gill
Aatika Chaudhry




Jago – For demonstrating excellent tactics and work rate in his football fixtures resulting in success!
Karrie – For showing fantastic progress in Netball, excellent effort in lessons and rising to the challenge and grasping her opportunity when called up to the B team.



Monty – For working independently to create a fantastic felt cushion design.
Arya – For producing an amazing iPad cover design.
Eva-Nicole – For making fantastic progress on her hat.
Elaine N – For working independently to make great progress on her slippers.


Liang Zi and Yang have been selected to be our Music Maestros this week by Miss Wilander. Both pupils are striving hard to master challenging pieces as they prepare for their music examinations. Bravo!