Have you ever experienced something you thought was a miracle?

This was the question 2EW considered in their assembly this week. They thought about how we often call events ‘miracles’ and then explored what the Bible tell us about these special events. In the Old Testament, a prophecy was made that when the Messiah, God’s Son, would come to earth, he would heal the sick and the blind.

The story began as Jesus, his disciples and a crowd of followers were leaving Jericho. As they left the city, they saw Bartimaeus, who was a man who had been blind since birth, sitting by the roadside. Unfortunately, the people walking by were unkind and unhelpful to him. When Jesus arrived, Bartimaeus called out for help with all of his heart so that Jesus would hear him. Jesus knew that Bartimaeus was blind and faced many difficulties in his life. He explained to his disciples that Bartimaeus was not a sinner but that he was born blind so that God can work a miracle in his life. Then he and others will believe and have faith in God.

This story teaches us many important lessons. Bartimaeus was physically blind, but this story reminds us that people can be spiritually blind too. Jesus wanted to help people see with their eyes, but also to see with their hearts and find God. We learnt that many people face hardships, but that having faith and showing kindness can give everyone strength.

Well done for an excellent performance, 2EW. You should all feel very proud of yourselves!

Miss Warmington