On Wednesday, 3JW had their class assembly, continuing the Story of Esther started by 4EB two weeks earlier. 3JW told the tale of Haman and his fellow buddies Chaos and Crime, as they tried to influence King Xerxes and Queen Esther while plotting against the Jewish people. We also saw the heroic stand of Mordecai (Esther’s cousin) against the powerful Haman.

Finally, 3JW also got to sing the ever popular “Slingshot” as a reminder that God’s strength is with us, just as it was with so many characters in the Bible. Everybody performed their roles fantastically well and sang brilliantly throughout. A special mention should go to Samson I. for stepping in at the last moment to play Mordecai, a job he did impeccably. Very well done 3JW.

Mr Wood