On Wednesday, four children from Year 4 – Lexi, Zimo, Syan and Zayaan – went to King Edward’s School for a fun filled day of Mathematics!

The day began with the children competing with numerous other Prep Schools in the King Edward’s Maths Challenge. The children were a little nervous but also excited to begin the challenge. The first challenge set was a crossnumber where the children had to work as a team to solve some tricky clues to solve a mathematical crossword. Following this, the children took part in a relay race which involved solving maths problems and running across the school hall!

Following the challenges, the children enjoyed a delicious lunch and were then treated to a fun maths lesson taught by one of the KES Maths teachers. This involved the children playing some games to find out if a good strategy would lead you to win or whether they were simply a case of luck.

Next, the children were treated to an engaging talk from Kjartan Poskitt, author of the Murderous Maths series. He shared some ‘maths tricks’ including the 1089 and elephant trick. The children and Mrs Barnes really enjoyed learning some of his Maths’ tricks and were keen to try them on friends and family at home!

Finally, it was time for the results of the challenge and the presentation of prizes. After all the nerves and excitement, Lexi, Zimo, Syan and Zayaan were announced as the winners of the Year 4 Maths Challenge 2022! They proudly brought back to school The Borcherds Maths Challenge Trophy. Well done children we are very proud of you!

Mrs Barnes