Sunday 6 February U11 Mixed Cross Country Relays: Abberley Hall (A)
Result: Boys and Girls Overall Winners

We did not have the serene blue skies we had last time we visited Abberley Cross Country earlier in the season and walking the course, we soon realised that somehow, they had made what was a hilly course even hiller! This was especially true of the last 300m which was up a steep rocky and slippery gravel track.

The format was team relays in which one runner runs the course and tags the next in the transition area. Robert and Anna got us off to a great start putting us in the top 3 runners after the first lap. James and Riah took over for the second leg, both coming back as leaders of the race. Sophie and Remy were able to add to this lead as third leg runners allowing Jack and Nush to finish the race in style coming in as overall winners.

Additionally, Jack clocked in the second fastest boys lap of the day, only losing out to James who took the overall fastest lap of the day. This race was made to look easy however this is far from the truth. I am immensely proud of the grit and determination put in by every runner who conducted themselves so well on a tough course. For a group of athletes who train on a 500m flat track, they dominated the hills! Great work everyone!

Mr Melia

Monday 7 February U10A and U10 B Football v Solihull (A)
Score: A’s: BCS 6 – 2 Solihull, B’s :  BCS 6 – 1 Solihull

The word I would use to describe both teams’ performance today is ‘composure’. We have worked hard on our positional play and how to work effectively off the ball. Consequently, we had a better team cohesion in which we understood where our teammates were going to be, giving us more time and confidence on the ball. Both matches utilised the width of the pitches, attacking down the wings and crossing the ball in. Additionally, we took more opportunities at goal, striking the ball earlier than we have previously. This was evident as Toby scored within the first few seconds from an early ‘cross’ turn shot which fortunately went straight into the goal. This was a great team performance which allowed me to interchange players from one pitch to the another, demonstrating the strength of our squad.

Mr Melia

Monday 7 February U10 C Football v Solihull (A)
Score: BCS Won
Player of the Match: Arjun Dev

The U10 C team displayed an excellent style of football supported by some good goalscoring to secure a victory over Solihull. From the blow of the first whistle the team were prepared to get the ball down on the floor, create space, and pass the ball to players which enabled crosses into the penalty box and and shots on target. Ishaan, Will, and Vidur were continuously looking for their wide players and looking to go forward. Sammy and Arjun worked up and down the pitch supporting the attack and putting in some crosses with pace and accuracy. James was a predator in the penalty box always looking for goal scoring chances. The team made wave after wave of attacks on the Solihull goal whose goalkeeper had a brilliant game. A good afternoon with some Barcelona-esque passing on display which was pleasing to see.

Mr Gregory

Monday 7 February U10 D Football v Solihull (A)
Score: BCS 3 – 3 Solihull
Player of the Match: Ari Rupal

The U10 D team had an end-to-end game versus Solihull which ended in the fair result of a draw. The BCS team were looking to get the ball down and pass from the blow of the first whistle with Ismaeel demonstrating some good vision to play in the wide players Shaan and Jai, who were ready to put in dangerous crosses into the penalty box. Ari and Rayyan kept a solid backline making some good blocks and stopping any Solihull attacks. In the second half the same continued with the game being end-to-end and the BCS boys looking to pass the ball to feet with Xander providing some good passes in midfield. The equalising goal was due to some exceptional hard work from Ari who chased a ball that was going out of play, he then put a cross in which was defended but then raced to get the rebound and scored with the resulting shot, a great piece of individual determination.

Mr Gregory

Monday 7 February U8A Netball v Warwick Prep (A)
Score: BCS 4-3 Warwick
Player of Match: Pippa Shaw

What a thrilling game of netball! The Year 3s had their first ever fixture and were excited to head out on a coach to Warwick. The A team played really well remembering their positions and where they could go; passing the ball accurately up the court. In defence we were quick to the loose ball but need to remember to stick with our own player. Blue Coat did well at passing the ball into the D and some accurate shooting allowed us to take the lead and remain in the lead! A fantastic afternoon thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Miss Crews


Monday 7 February U8B Netball v Warwick Prep (A)
Score: BCS 5-1 Warwick
Player of the Match: Summer Wedgbury

For their first ever game the girls did really well at remembering all the positions and where they were allowed to go. Blue Coat got off to a great start, passing the ball quickly down the court and into the D. Our girls worked hard at driving forward and getting in front of the defenders. Blue Coat’s defence was strong, shadowing our players, making it very difficult for Warwick to pass the ball and we were able to gain numerous interceptions. Some accurate shooting allowed us to gain a strong lead throughout the game, well done girls

Miss Crews

Monday 7 February U8 Round Robin v Warwick Prep (A)

The girls were very excited to play their first away fixture at Warwick Prep School.Whilst the As and Bs played their match, the rest of the year group were divided up into mini teams to play a round robin tournament. Each team played five matches with the aim of trying to improve their netball skills by using space and passing accurately. Every match was very even and the score line reflected this. After each match the teams rotated to play the next match. It was a fantastic afternoon to see a whole year group playing Netball together and great to see so many parents that had come to support.

Mrs Potter

Wednesday 9 February U11A Netball v Eversfield (A)
Score: BCS 22-7 Eversfield
Player of the Match: Anusha S

At no point did our current Netball National finalists look troubled. With some adjustments made due to a smaller court, players showed their understanding of positional play and passing order as each player had to wait their turn to strike in attack. The team rotated their positions and looked solid in every quarter with some amazing long distance shots scored by Susie and fast bursts of play from Nush. Our defence was strong with Li and Ria making good intercepts but we will need to continue to work on rebounding and retaining possession. Beatrice played with the determination of a boxer, being critical with her match play and Lois and Riah made the attack look simple as they moved gracefully across the court. I was extremely proud of the girls as they worked together and made decisions as a team, based on how the match was going, which showed characteristics such as teamwork, leadership and fairness and a maturity beyond their years. Well done girls and may you continue to Grow in Grace!

Mrs Bennett

Wednesday 9 February U11C Netball v Eversfield B (A)
Score: BCS 5-1 Eversfield
Player of the Match: Isabella G, Isabella W

This was the most competitive match I have seen this term with play moving from end to end for both teams. The commitment that our girls defended with was extraordinary! Raheena showed me a side to her which I have never seen before as she whisked the ball away from the goal shooter. Ramneek and Emma gained excellent interceptions and Mira dodged with speed and agility to whizz into space. Isabella G had a fabulous quarter at centre and you could see she really enjoyed herself on court as she gave 100%. Chloe showed her progress and she listened to instructions and used tactics to get the ball in attack. The match was the epitome of what teamwork should be and Isabella W looked comfortable and dominant in any position she played. I was exhausted by the end of the match just from umpiring such a contested game! Well done girls!

Mrs Bennett

Wednesday 9 February U11A Football v Winterfold & Kings Hawford (A)
Score: BCS 1 – 0 Kings Hawford, BCS 2 – 0 Winterfold
Player of the Match: Remy Granger

The U11A Football team competed in a triangular tournament versus King’s Hawford and Winterfold House at Winterfold. In the first fixture the boys showed their grit, determination and will to battle with a tough 1-0 victory over King’s Hawford. The goal was a well taken left foot strike by Remy, neatly placed in the bottom corner of the goal. Key to the victory was defending as a team and defending on the front with all players closing their opponents down and making life difficult and giving little time to their opponents on the ball.

Into the second game versus Winterfold House BCS showed great discipline and organisation defensively making it difficult for their opponents to create goal scoring chances, and when they did Harry in goal was assured and confident. The boys played some excellent football being prepared to pass and keep possession of the ball . If nothing was going forward they would go back to defence to recycle the ball and keep possession. The first goal was a brilliant left foot volley scored by Remy after a lovely cross by Arjun and the second a tap in for Sai after some fantastic passing from Silas and Milo and a pinpoint cross drilled low across the ground by Remy. The score could have been more with James striking the post twice one from a great run from midfield and one from a David Beckham-esque free kick that hit the top corner of the post. A solid performance with Silas being a rock in defence and the rest of the team looking to work hard when they had not got the ball as well as being creative when they had possession. Player of the match was Remy for his two great strikes with his left foot especially the volley which is a difficult skill and a brilliant cross for the second goal versus Winterfold.

Mr Gregory

Wednesday 9 February U11B Football v Winterfold
Score: Drew 1, Won 2
Player of the Match: Ethan Graves

Three tough games today yielded 3 good performances. The focus for all 3 games was on our positional play. Once we became organised, we were able to utilise the space created a lot more effectively, especially down the wings. Our defensive line with Jack and Wilf were disciplined in staying back and looked to clear the ball wide and quickly. The wingers with Arjun and Ethan were able to take the ball on the half turn and run into space. Milo provided a constant threat and was able to capitalise on early balls giving him plenty of opportunities in front of goal. Then our grand master general in the middle of the park, Krish, read the game well providing crucial tackles and interceptions in defence and brilliant through balls in attack. A good team performance today!

Mr Melia

Wednesday 9 February U11B Netball v Bromsgrove (H) 
Score: BCS 7 – 3 Bromsgrove
Player of the match: Avni Samra

The U11B team faced Bromsgrove this Wednesday afternoon. The girls were all super keen to play, having already played Bromsgrove a few weeks ago and marginally losing, they were eager to take the win today. Within the first few minutes of the game, a lot of the play went end to end and was a little messy, luckily for us, from both teams. Having settled into the game, I thought BCS girls played some brilliant Netball, working well as a team. Once we managed to create space for one another the ball flowed down into our attacking end at speed, we had several chances at goal, which we managed to convert. However, with Bromsgrove being just as competitive they fought back equally as strong on and off the ball and at half time the score was very close, being 4-3 to us. Needing to look after the ball in the second half the girls did exactly what I asked, their forward drives were fantastic to watch and were very difficult for Bromsgrove to mark. These timely runs coupled with our ability to defend with grit, allowed us to take home the win. The final score was 7-3. Well done girls.

Mrs Somerville

Wednesday 9 February U11 Jets Netball v Bromsgrove (H)
Score: BCS 8-3 Bromsgrove
Player of the Match: Maysahm Hamilton

On Wednesday the Jets took on Bromsgrove. The girls went onto the court with great enthusiasm. The girls noticed that they had a height advantage from the start which led to some lazy defending in the first quarter. However, after a brief team talk the girls started to mark a player and they worked hard at their defensive game. Nandini made some phenomenal intersections in the D which we quickly turned around and drove the ball back into our D where we were able to convert the shots at goal. The team worked hard on accurate passing and once the ball was passed down into the D, Maysahm was there to accurately shoot and score the majority of the goals. A great team effort from the girls today. Well done.

Miss Ryan

Thursday 10 February U8A Football v Solihull (A)
Score: BCS 6 – 1 Solihull
Player of the Match: Samson Isola

The focus on the game was to ensure we used the space on the pitch and kept to our positions. By working hard off the ball meant the player on the ball had more space and options. The U8s excelled at this – using the wingers exceptionally well to create an attack. Samson stayed up front as a target man, providing a quick attack and proving to be deadly in front of goal! Ben and Noah kept their shape well at the back providing support when needed and making the crucial tackles at the right times. The boys worked hard to pass the ball round quickly and effectively into space and quickly put pressure on Solihull when they were in possession.

Mr Melia

Thursday 10 February U8 B Football v Solihull (A)
Score: BCS 2 – 1 Solihull
Player of the Match: Arya-Veer Solanki

The focus on the game was to ensure we used the space on the pitch and kept to our positions. By working hard off the ball meant the player on the ball had more space and options. This was clear in every attack the boys constructed. They effectively used the wingers extremely well, using the width of the pitch to their advantage. Reuben, Jonathan, Arin and Jovan all had opportunities to run out wide with the ball by creating the space for themselves and then putting the ball forward for Joshua. Arya-Veer and Sam kept their defensive line well, putting pressure on the Solihull attack quickly and giving them no time on the ball. This was a good team performance in which BCS looked at more organised and had a lot more of the procession than Solihull due to there discipline off the ball.

Mr Melia

Thursday 10 February U8C Football v Solihull (A)
Score: BCS 2 – 0 Solihull
Player of the Match: George Garner

The U8 Football team competed in their first ever Football fixtures of the term versus Solihull. On a cold and blustery day the BCS team showed excellent dribbling and passing skills to be the victors in this friendly encounter. Aarav scored a brilliant goal striking a half volley into the net with his weaker left foot after good play from Max and George scored a brilliant goal dribbling to get one-on-one with the goalkeeper after a superbly timed pass by Roman. A brilliant afternoon with the boys learning so much from the playing experience with plenty of positives and plenty of areas of development for the future!

Mr Gregory

Thursday 10 February U8D Football v Solihull (A)
Score: BCS 2 – 0 Solihull
Player of the Match: Ibrahim Azam

It was a very close first half as both teams were even, with the defenders making some good tackles especially from Shivesh and Roux. James in goal showed great awareness using his penalty box and making some great saves before distributing the ball to his teammates quickly to start attacks. Into the second half, the BCS team started quick with Charles always looking dangerous when in front of goal but it was Ibrahim who changed the game with some silky dribbling skills and a couple of brilliant shots into the corner of the goal that resulted in a couple of goals for the team. A great day out for the boys who enjoyed their first ever games of Football with smiles on faces and all discussing the game over a snack on the bus home!

Mr Gregory

Thursday 10 February U10 and U11 Development Team Swimming Gala v Norfolk House (H)
Score: No results recorded – Friendly Gala
Swimmer of the Gala: Madalen Cotterill

This week’s Thursday afternoon gala welcomed Norfolk House back to BCS. As our Year 4 Development Team made their debut in the pool, BCS saw host to a spectacular afternoon of racing. With the Girls’ 25m Freestyle heat opening the event, swimmers from both schools alike raced towards victory. BCS Swimmers in Year 4 and 5 showcased their skills in the pool, with some fantastic diving and relay takeovers! Swimmer of the gala was Madalen Cotterill for some excellent technical work in her 25m breaststroke individual with a new personal best performance. Well done to all competitors!

Miss Mockler