Elana Ernest – For her cheerful attitude and giving 100% effort to everything she undertakes.
Reuben Cuell – For bringing his usual enthusiasm and positive attitude to learning into the classroom after distance learning.
Joshua Cotterill – For answering questions in class and remembering his BCS values.
Alice Moody – An improvement in her attitude to her work, trying her best in every lesson!

Raees Rahman – For trying hard and for being very helpful.
Brandon Lim – Always being so enthusiastic and contributing to lessons
Alessandro Maio – For excellent scientific knowledge and trying hard to be more organised.

Munashe Jindhu – For showing a mature approach to his learning
Thomas Hodges – For showing BCS Values of patience, respect and continuing to contribute enthusiastically in class.
Mia Sargeant – For contributing thoughtfully in class and greater contributions in lessons.
Max Horwitch-Smith – For being kind to others and looking out for his friends.

Pranav Rebbapragada – For contributing well to class discussions with thoughtful and insightful responses.
Sofia Mahmood – For working hard and always trying to give her best.
Riyadh Rahman – For contributing thoughtfully in class and persevering with written tasks.
Jodh Singh – For being helpful around the class and always holding the door open for adults.
Blake Bushell – For excellent contributions in Humanities and RE lessons this week!


Noah Barnes – For his happy personality and always having a smile. Sam Mantle – For involving others in games and being so kind. Otis Hodge – Helping with the technology when it all went wrong! Riah Bailey –  For always displaying excellent manners and awareness of others.
Carla Chan – For being super helpful and enthusiastic, especially when it comes to helping the House Staff. Susie Bentick – For always smiling and looking out for people who need a friend. Rubie Johal – Helping with the technology when it all went wrong! Isabella Gabriel – For always being prepared to be helpful and showing excellent manners.

And the winners of this week’s House Points Competition is…


St. Monica’s House!



Florence Raine – For listening well in class and ensuring she is following the instructions. Well done Flo!
Oli Cowley –  For his enthusiasm and for always being so cheerful around school.
Zoe Dean  -For her excellent effort and enthusiasm in class lessons and being a helpful member of 5AG.
Anya Kapil – For being a very polite young lady always displaying BCS values.
Katie Huang – For a superb attitude to her work, her peers and her teachers, always showing the BCS values.
Aadya Gulati  – For working hard in class and being kind and helpful to others.
Nirvan Agrawal – For always being polite and helpful to both his peers and to staff.
Milo Todd – For having an excellent Lent term so far, displaying an increased maturity in all aspects of school life!


Rayan  – For showing brilliant attitude and perseverance in his football lessons. Keep up the hard work!
Lana  – For good teamwork, good understanding of footwork, always trying her best and listening well.

Awarded to a pupils from each year who have shown what it takes to be part of a great team such as unity, leadership, active listening, responsibility etc.

Kavidh, Summer, Joshua Cotterill
Umar, Aatika,  Jasper Neeson
Toby, Tabitha, Aaria
Remy, Isabella, Anusha


Zakariya –  For his fantastic felted cushion design.
Priscilla  – For  impressive independent work on her hat during this week’s lesson.
James –  For showing incredible determination throughout the lesson to complete his slippers.


Emily and Jonathan have been selected by Mrs Creaton for their amazing singing and terrific enthusiasm in Year 3 Choir. Bravo!