Just as the book Wind in the Willows was inspired by a love of family, so too was the classic Peter Pan, the dramatisation of which has illuminated the school so brightly this week.
The characters of Peter and Tinkerbelle came to J.M.Barrie, so I understand, as he formed the idea of telling a tale about the child who never grew up.

That, in turn, was a concept that can be explained by the death of Barrie’s elder brother as a 14-year-old, in a skating accident.

We are on the verge of half term, and looking forward eagerly to spending quality time together, doing the things that families do and relishing one another’s company. Lucky to have the opportunity.

I will be sparing a thought for one desperate family, who will not be able to come together: the nearest and dearest of that 27-year-old Evesham rugby player who died so tragically last weekend– in the act of scoring a try. Their grief is inconceivable. If it helps us to ‘Seize the Day’, it should also serve to remind us of the people who give of their time, as charities, to see people through these awful crises.

One of the organisations which Blue Coat is aiming to help during our Tercentenary celebrations is Edward’s Trust, a specialist provider of holistic family bereavement support in the West Midlands; one which has helped BCS families past and present. We know that, with your traditional generosity, Edward’s Trust will come into consideration when you are thinking about donations this year.

As I say, this week much of the school’s focus has been on Year 4’s Peter Pan. It was magical. The children were prodigious, singing with verve and acting as if their lives depended on it. Bravo to them all. To all the staff, who have been depleted by COVID, I tip my hat. Miss Levitt (Director), Mr Wood (Assistant Director), Mr Nicklin (Music Director), Miss Akehurst (stage management), Mr Hegenbarth and Miss Moore (Costumes and set design) and the whole Year 4 team, I admire your work ethic and ‘can do’ attitude. Thank you all, and to the other BCS staff members who contributed in any way to a rip-roaring success.

Over the last few weeks, we have introduced a concept designed to honour players who have made significant contributions to their team at whatever level. This is called Team of the Week, and it focuses not only on skills but also on good sportsmanship. The feedback from the children has certainly been positive. Keep an eye out for this innovation amongst our Prep awards.

I enjoyed a special breakfast with all our community groups this Friday. It was great to hear the children discuss their roles in improving our school but also supporting the wider community and beyond. Year 6 pupil Kanav gave an inspirational talk to Years 5 and 6 on our role being more sustainable. Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer, take note: here is an orator in the making.

Today, led by Mrs Newman, we celebrated International Mother Tongue Day. Children across the School engaged in interactive activities and many took part in a wonderful video celebrating the languages spoken here at BCS. Many dressed in costumes/traditional dress. Everyone matters. We must celebrate our diverse talents.

Can I please remind you to sign up for the events relating to the Tercentenary celebrations. There promises to be a memorable end to the academic year, so please join in the fun.I will now sign off for half term. Thank you again for all your support. The school will be in touch with updates to COVID protocols after the Prime Minister speaks next Monday.

Mr Neeson