Monday 14 February U10A Netball v King’s Hawford (H)
Score: BCS 17-0 King’s Hawford
Player of the Match: Aaria Ratti

This week the U10s faced King’s Hawford at home. It was a little wet and windy throughout, but that didn’t stop the girls going full steam ahead from the first whistle. In the first quarter the girls scored goal after goal and managed to take the lead by 9 goals in the first 8 minutes, which was fantastic. They played the ball into the circle at speed, which made it impossible to defend. Kings Hawford didn’t drop their heads and continued to work hard at trying to get the ball down the court. Moving into the second and third quarter the girls extended the lead by more and more, making it a very comfortable win at the end of the final whistle. A brilliant opportunity to practise rotating positions, in line with BEE Netball rules and working together as a team. I was very impressed with them today. Final score was 17-0, player of the match was Aaria Ratti.

Mrs Somerville

Monday 14 February U10B Netball v King’s Hawford (H)
Score: BCS 16-0 King’s Hawford
Players of the Match: Zoe Dean & Sinai Hamilton

The U10B team faced King’s Hawford this Monday afternoon. Despite the wind and rain the girls showed real determination. After settling quickly into the game, the BCS girls played some brilliant Netball, working well as a team. Their strong start resulting in them taking the lead by 10 goals in the first quarter. The ball flowed down into the attacking end at speed and the strong shooting converted many attempts to goals. The girls listened to advice given, used the space well and passed accurately to each other. The girls did a great job of marking and intercepting passes made by the opposition meaning BCS quickly regained control of the ball whenever it was lost. The subsequent quarters were similarly successful as the speed of play by BCS made defending difficult for the opposition. An excellent afternoon of netball and teamwork. The final score was 16-0 and players of the match were Zoe Dean and Sinai Hamilton. Very well done girls!

Miss Fagan

Monday 14 February U11A and U11B Swimming Gala v West House School (H)
Score: BCS Won
Swimmer of the Day: Robert Miller

We welcomed West House School to BCS on Monday for our final gala of the half term. BCS continued their undefeated reign in the pool with another fantastic win amongst the U11/U10 Boys. The individual 50m heats opened the event, with the boys posting some impressive times against the opposition. As the gala moved into the 25m heats it was all down to the final touch in some of the form strokes which were tied until the finish! BCS worked together to take victory in the relays with some fast takeovers and finishes, as the BCS team sealed the win culminating in the freestyle cannon. Swimmer of the gala was awarded to Robert Miller for a huge personal best in the 50m breaststroke and for some incredible closing legs of the medley and freestyle relays. Well done to all swimmers!

Miss Mockler

Tuesday 15 February U9 Development Netball Squad v Norfolk House (H)
No results recorded

Today, against Norfolk House, the U9 girls played a mini-Netball tournament. This meant all the girls got to experience lots of Netball in fun competitive matches. Managing to dodge the rain that had been pouring all morning, the girls were very excited to meet their opposition and play their second fixture of the term.

Throughout the afternoon the girls demonstrated some good Netball, playing well as a team. For example, BCS showed a good understanding of passing and moving and sometimes this movement was into some lovely space, which is a sign of progress. Because of this we had most of the play in the matches down in our attacking end, with lots of opportunity to shoot, which is fantastic. If we could have scored off every shot, we would have stolen the show this afternoon. Unfortunately, today, for whatever reason, maybe the cold, maybe the wind, we struggled to convert these shoots to goals. This made the final score in most of the games, overall, even.

The girls demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and welcomed Norfolk House to the Pavilion afterwards for a match tea, where the girls chatted to each other and made new friends.
Well done girls, another brilliant afternoon of competitive Netball.

Mrs Somerville

Tuesday 15 February U9A Football v Solihull (H)
Score: BCS 1 – 1 Solihull
Player of the Match: Noah Jordan

A brilliant U9A Football game versus Solihull that was a great spectacle for the crowd in an end to end draw which was a fair reflection of the game. BCS were under pressure from the very start with Solihull scoring a well taken early goal. The BCS defence stood strong absorbing the Solihull pressure with good tackles and clearances by Jasper, James and George with Rayan making some excellent saves in goal including one brilliant save. As the game started to develop the BCS team started to pass and keep possession of the ball. This was demonstrated when a great pass from Freddie was played into Noah’s feet who turned and ran with the ball at the Solihull defence. He then took on a couple of defenders and scored a great goal into the bottom corner with his left foot to draw the game level. Into the second half and again it was end to end with Loic creating some good chances but the Solihull goalkeeper made some excellent saves. Despite BCS showing better attacking prowess they still had to withstand some Solihull attacks, with the post being rattled a couple of times, and again Rayan making some good saves along with some solid tackles and clearances from Jago and George. The game finished as a 1-1, a fair reflection of an end to end and eventful game of Football. Player of the Match was Noah for his excellent goal and showing quality and work rate in attacking areas.

Mr Gregory

Tuesday 15 February U9B Football v Solihull (H)
Score: Solihull Won
Player of the Match: Rayan Chauhan

The frustrating thing about today’s fixture was that for most of the game the BCS team were the most organised and looked to do the right things at the right time. Brandon in goal and Rayan and Siyuan were superb at staying behind the ball, reading the position of the defenders, and looking to get themselves in the way of the ball. Secondly, they distributed the ball brilliantly to our wing players – who were for most of the game in the right position. This meant we were clearing the ball in positive and safe areas allowing us to progress forward down the line. Unfortunately, Solihull had a greater desire to win the ball today and were able to clear their lines quickly and effectively. Our area for improvement is to ensure we always have someone in front of the ball and then to focus on our individual skills of passing and striking a ball. The most positive aspect is we are seeing progress of their understanding of a game and their positions.

Mr Melia

Tuesday 15 February U9 Devils Football v Solihull (H)
Score: Solihull win
Player of the Match: Idris Douis

In a tough game against a strong Solihull team, the boys put in an extremely energetic and spirited performance. While the scoreline ran away from the boys, the teamwork and energy lived on, and they ran their socks off to keep themselves in the game for as long as possible. Some incredible saves from Sam Mantle and Raees Rahman kept Solihull at bay, and the fantastic last ditch defending from Zimo Chen was outstanding. Idris Douis’ precision passing and mazy dribbling set up chances to score but sadly we didn’t manage to get the ball over the line, but his performance and his effort in keeping the team going and fighting until the last minute was fantastic to see. A marvellous display of the skills we have been learning so far this term, and the boys will take huge confidence going into their next fixture after half term.

Mr Wood

Tuesday 15 February U9 Foxes & Hammers Football v Solihull (H)
Score: Solihull won
Player of the Match: both Junius Zhao

The Devils and Foxes played against two solihull sides and both teams enjoyed a great afternoon of competitive football. Both teams were competitive and there was a vast improvement from the last fixtures they took part in. It was great to see much better understanding none more so than Junios Zhao. Hopefully the boys enjoyed the afternoon and will now get a ball and start practising outside of school their basic control and kicking the ball with power.

Mr Protherough

Wednesday 16 February U11A Football Triangular v Monmouth and King’s Hawford (A)
Score: King’s Hawford 3-0 BCS, Monmouth 0-4 BCS
Player of the Match: Silas Saha

The U11 A team travelled to King’s Hawford on Wednesday to take part in an excellent triangular with King’s Hawford and Monmouth. As Monmouth were late we arrived and ended up playing straight away with little time to warm up. That said the boys started strongly against King’s Hawford playing into the wind. The football the boys played was excellent but we conceded a soft goal against the run of play towards the end of the 1st half. The 2nd half followed a similar pattern with the teams evenly matched however our finishing which has been a weakness all season was again wayward. As we chased the game towards the end Hawford scored 2 late goals which meant the final score was 3-0. The boys had no time to worry about that as they were thrust straight into their 2nd game against Monmouth. To their credit they showed why they can be a top team with a slick display especially in the 2nd half and the score could easily have been more. These boys are some of the most talented lads I have taught at BCS but to be successful as a side they must learn to put their ego’s and desire to be “top dog” to one side for the betterment of the team. Great teams have great individuals but only if those individuals understand that the team must come first.

Mr Protherough

Wednesday 16 February U11B Football Triangular v Monmouth and King’s Hawford (A)
Score: King’s Hawford 3-2 BCS
Score: Monmouth 1-7 BCS
Players of the match: Arjun Desai / Krish Choudhary

The U11 B team travelled to King’s Hawford for a set of fixtures versus the hosts and Monmouth School on a blustery day and in boggy conditions. The first game was against King’s Hawford. The team struggled to adapt to the boggy conditions initially with their passes either being intercepted by the hosts or not powerful enough to reach their target. The team went a goal down early on but got a response from a Vivek long throw that was bundled into the net by Wilf. Their opponents did then score a second through a unfortunate deflected goal and early on into the second half managed a third. Despite going 3-1 the team showed character and workrate and started closing their opponents down quicker and in possession of the ball looked the better team with Krish and Jack playing some lovely passes out from the back. Nihal for all his workrate got a deserved goal to make the game 3-2 but despite creating chances the equaliser could not be finished in a very competitive game of football. Into the second game versus Monmouth a sloppy start from the team meant the visitors took the lead through some sleepy defending. However, the response from the team was brilliant with Arjun always finding himself in the right positions at the back post scoring five goals in a matter of minutes with his team mates Nihal, Sam, and Jia providing some great assists. The team continued passing the ball and keeping possession making their opponents work to win the ball back and fatiguing them through their excellent passing, this was led by Ethan, Jack, and Krish.

Mr Gregory

Wednesday 16 February U11B Netball v King’s Hawford A (A)
Score: BCS 2-15 Kings Hawford
Player of the Match: Avni Samra

Blue Coat B team had a difficult task as they faced Hawford’s A team who had a lot of height and were very well drilled. That said the girls worked really hard to drive forward and get in front and should be really proud of themselves. They stuck at it even when the score drifted away from them. With strong winds and tough defence it forced our girls to work hard at timing their runs and passing the ball out in front. In the final quarter our efforts were rewarded with 2 goals!

Miss Crews





Wednesday 16 February U11 C Netball v King’s Hawford B (A)
Score: BCS 4-1 Kings Hawford
Player of the Match: Isabella Wyndham

A blustery afternoon of netball but the girls stuck to it and worked hard to get the ball up the court. Blue Coat got off to a strong start and took an early lead, unfortunately in the wind we struggled to then get more goals into the net. In defence we won numerous interceptions, sticking tight to our player and darting in front to win the ball. Some quick one twos in the D gave us lots of opportunities to score. A very enjoyable game, I could really see the girls working hard to drive forward and hold their space and time their run. Well done girls!

Miss Crews

Wednesday 16 February U11 Stars and Jets Netball v King’s Hawford (H)
Score: BCS Stars 1 3-0 King’s Hawford
Score: BCS Jets 1 0-2 King’s Hawford
Score: BCS Stars 2 1-2 King’s Hawford
Score: BCS Jets 2 0-1 King’s Hawford

King’s Hawford brought two teams to BCS on Wednesday and played our Stars and Jets side on a rotational basis. The afternoon was tricky as this was the start of storm Dudley rearing its head and the wind made passing and shooting extremely difficult at times. All of the girls involved tried their very best to keep the ball on court in the wind and this meant using their dodging and driving skills that Miss Crews had taught them and I had seen them putting the skill into the match play. Both sides found the conditions very hard and the ball mainly travelled in the direction of the wind when thrown. Overall this was a learning experience as we had to adapt play to mainly chest passes and also realised no matter how hard you try it is very hard to score in blustery conditions!

Mrs Bennett