‘I don’t want to go to school and learn solemn things,’ said Peter in J.M. Barrie’s timeless classic, Peter Pan.

Recently, our Year 4 children have been involved in something far from solemn in school and, as you read this, they will be busy preparing for their final visit to Neverland this week! As with all good adventures, it is important to have tea first and, on performance nights, the Dining Hall has been filled with excited chatter before getting into costume and being made-up.

Months in the making, our production of Peter Pan has not been without its setbacks. Namely one large setback – Covid. But we have cheerfully persevered and, thankfully, we have been able to keep the island of Neverland and its natives largely Covid free, maybe due to a little bit of magic because, as we all know, ‘All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.’

Year 4 has been so enthusiastic about the production right from when it was first announced, and the Dress Rehearsal and last night’s performance were nothing short of amazing. The children transformed into the inhabitants of Neverland – into mermaids and warriors and pirates and lost boys, and also into a few select visitors! They sang and danced and acted with such energy and joy, that Peter Pan himself would be proud! As are we. We have been so impressed by the children’s resilience during the lead-up to the performances and we have loved working with them to produce this wonderful adaptation. Our children have worked brilliantly as a team, as have the Staff and parents who have helped make this happen.

To steal another of Peter’s lines, ‘Oh, the cleverness of me,’ is something that I hope all children in Year 4 say to themselves in the coming days, and whenever they think of their production.
And, I can guarantee that you will be humming at least one of Mr. Nicklin’s songs for weeks to come…

Mrs James