Lana Saha – For always contributing in class and having a cheerful approach to all the tasks she undertakes.
Aiden Ho -For contributing confidently and being more enthusiastic in lessons and in the classroom.
Hannah Chipwete – For continual hard work and daily commitment to her learning. Well done Hannah for always going that extra mile.
Brooke Bushell – For her kindness and helpfulness to fellow children and staff at BCS. She always displays the school values and works hard in all she does,

Annabel Miller – Some thoughtful answers during class discussions
Jayden Liang – For being so enthusiastic in lessons
Ellie Wongso – For working so hard and producing some excellent pieces of work in English.
Jago Wells – For trying hard with his Science work.

Neve D’Naute – For her enthusiasm during lessons
Mani Kaur – Excellent manners and perseverance in all her activities.
Sami Babwah – For showing kindness to his peers, particularly during lunch time.
Taran Bahia – For being well organised, participating well in lessons and showing kindness to others.

Remy Granger – For continuing to persevere, work hard and produce good outcomes in all lessons.
Hari Irvine – Excellent manners and perseverance in all his lessons.
Susie Tomlinson – For always contributing thoughtfully and maintaining an excellent standard in her work.
Riah Bailey – Enthusiastic attitude to all her learning.
Safiya Mughal – For a brilliant week with excellent contributions in Humanities and STEM.

Raju Sethi – For continually playing gently and creating such beautiful masterpieces with k’nex. Aydin Khan – For excellent manners and being kind and helpful. Emily de Bono – Displaying the Blue Coat values on several occasions in the House. Thank you for your kindness. Tia Sharma – For always showing good manners and helpfulness
Anna Sun – For getting involved in games in the house and playing gently. Katherine Kendall – For always being kind and helpful and greeting staff with a smile. Kabir Tajuria – For impeccable manners, always showing kindness to others and always being ready to help. Moritz Bongs – For his dedication to entertaining us on the piano!

The winners of this week’s House winner with 7700 house points is…

St. Monica’s House!


Luca Ottengo – For always giving 100% to everything he does and always showing his BCS Values.
Louisa Hope – For showing her BCS Values by always being really kind, and being helpful around the classroom, even at break time.

Ihra Karkhanis – For making such an effort to join in during class discussions and for being so kind and thoughtful to others.
Noah Jordan – For being a good friend and always persevering.

Ari Rupal – For always being polite and helpful to both his peers and to all staff.
Shreya Raja – For a superb attitude to her work, her peers and her teachers, always showing the BCS values.

Stefan Claridge – For displaying good manners, and increased efforts and concentration in lessons.
James Longworth – For being kind, thoughtful towards others and a lovely person to be around!
Mira Amlani – For maintaining an outstanding level of effort in everything she does.

Brandon – For showing true Blue Coat values in his football fixture this week.
Serena – For demonstrating determination across the sports curriculum.









Hari Godhania
Ruby Laroiya
Rajan Sethi
Loic Granger
Ines Kachloul
Aydin Khan
William Nicolson
Sabreena Townsend
Madalen Cotterill
Arjun Desai
Aadya Agarwal
Robert Miller


Katherine Matopoulou – fantastic progress and hard work on her fish cushion
Arya Pahuja – Being very helpful and teaching friends how to sew.
Ishaaan Chatha – independent progress and good sewing on his hat
Sai Chauhan – Brilliant perseverance within the lessons. A fantastic attitude to making progress with his slippers.


Our Music Maestros are Judah, Salmaan, Amadora and Mia this week. Chosen by Mr Nicklin for their amazing leadership and encouragement of their fellow cast members in the Lower School production of ‘Peter Pan’. Bravo to you all.