William Wang –  For always giving 100% in class and showing a great attitude to his own learning.
Alex Stacey – For his full commitment to his role in the class assembly, and for great performances with his poem and book passage.
Esme Shiu –  For a positive attitude to her learning and good listening throughout the week.
Christopher Zhu –  For an improvement in his work ethic and always making his teachers smile with his great jokes and facts.

Arjun Dev – For working so hard and producing some excellent pieces of work in across all his subjects.
Anoushka Puri – For showing BCS Values of patience, respect, excellent manners and perseverance in all her activities.
Lucy Carberry –  For showing BCS Values of patience, respect, excellent manners and perseverance in all her activities.
Jolin Hu – For always being kind to others and for looking out for her friends.

Harry Stockton For an enthusiastic approach to our WW1 topic; a wide breadth of knowledge and understanding displayed on the subject.
Pranav Uday – For a great attitude towards his learning and excellent consistency in his maths problem solving.
Avni Samra – For enthusiastic participation and thoughtful contributions to all class discussions.
Ashal Ahmed – Enthusiastic participation in his Maths lessons and attempting to improve his presentation.
Abhav Massey – For a brilliant attitude towards learning, with excellent levels of effort and engagement across all subjects.



Louisa Hope – For playing well in the house and having such great positivity. No Year Group Assembly this week. Zoe Dean – For her helpful attitude and happy smile assisting with signing out duty Harry Fraser – Independently staying behind to tidy the Y6 lounge! Great BCS Values!
Jacob Cronin – For being a good role model and showing his BCS values at all times in the house. No Year Group Assembly this week. Aaryan Paul – For always showing excellent manners and politeness. James Longworth – For excellent manners and a positive presence in Y6 Hub.

The winning House with 1655 House Points is….


St. Monica’s House


Benjamin White – For a great return to school and a positive attitude to his work.
Alice Moody  – An all round improvement in her attitude towards learning and actively trying to make better decisions and follow all of the BCS values.
Junius Zhao – For always being respectful to all members of staff.
James Barwell
– For working diligently in class and being considerate of others.
Toby Agadagba – For his can do attitude and cheerful approach to everything in school.
Sophie Longworth – For always being committed to her work. She enjoys developing her knowledge and understanding by asking thoughtful questions.
Joey Zhu
–  For always acting upon the BCS values and increasingly participating in class discussions
Kanav Biswas – For the enthusiasm he shows to all aspects of school life! A truly wonderful member of the BCS community.


George Garner – For an excellent attitude and mindset in your games lessons and some excellent defending in Football.
Elle Browne – For showing excellent progress in her Netball.


Florence Raine
Louisa Hope
Aria Patel
Anika Moholkar
Tabitha Shaw
Serena Wadhwa
Tia Sharma
Blake Bushell
U11 IAPS Boys’ Hockey team


Anna S – Great progress on her cushion. Did a fantastic job of shrinking her work.
Jessica Z Incredible stitching and dedication to progressing with her iPad Cover.
Neth  – Fantastic sewing, which allowed Neth to make great progress with his hat.
Riah  – Fantastic independent work throughout the lesson. Riah is making fantastic progress with her slippers.


Noah and Vidur – chosen by Mr Gough our guitar teacher, for their hard work and effort in Guitar Ensemble.