We kicked off World Book Day week in great style by welcoming Anisha, Accidental Detective author Serena Patel to school.  She talked about how real life family and events inspire her writing, in particular how she amplifies reality to make it funny.  For example, Serena’s slightly annoying twin siblings became Anisha’s sneaky cousins Mindy and Manny but shhh – they don’t know! The hilarious escaped lobster incident in the first book actually happened but is vastly exaggerated for comic effect.  By grounding the process of story writing in such relatable terms Serena entertained and inspired Prep children with the message that they can be whatever they want to be and that their voice is unique and important.

Between her sessions whilst not chatting to enthusiastic children or signing books Serena kindly agreed to record a short extract from Anisha, Accidental Detective that you can see on the school World Book Day website.

Ms Stacey