On Wednesday, 3MH had their class assembly, completing the Story of Esther. The children portrayed and narrated how Esther, having received bad news from Mordecai, decided to take a stand in an attempt to save her people. Meanwhile, King Xerxes wanted to have Mordecai thanked for previously saving his life which made Haman furious. At a special banquet, Esther courageously stood up for herself and her fellow Jewish people, revealing to the King that the command to kill all the Jews in Persia was Haman’s doing. Thankfully, King Xerxes decided to undo this order, saving the Jews, and instead had Haman punished.

To conclude their assembly, 3MH confidently performed “God is Good” to remind us that it was through God’s goodness that Esther was brave enough to say something, which saved the Jewish people. One of the lyrics ‘All through time, every hour, every minute, God is good’ reminds us that God is always there for us during our hardships, and if we turn to him he will help us.

All of the children in 3MH worked extremely hard, demonstrating their BCS Value of ‘Cheerfully persevering’, and they should be very proud of themselves for their excellent, clear reading and expressive acting.

Miss Hurst