Anna Sun – For her positivity, always having a smile on her face and a great attitude towards any task she undertakes.
Katherine Matopoulou – For such a great effort with her ESB performance so far.
Amelia Sabir – For being a good role model with her motivation, positivity and hard work in everything that she does.
James Tyler – For a really great attitude to his work, especially in English. Keep it up James!
Jonathan Nganwa – For excellent Humanities fieldwork and a superb attitude to learning.
Rohan Uppal – For an excellent attitude and for working on the ESB with great enthusiasm
Noah O-M – For continuing to persevere, work hard and produce good outcomes in all lessons.
Daniel Tyler – For excellent interest and practical work in Science and being a good friend to others.
Daven Rawal – For enthusiastic participation and thoughtful contributions to all class discussions.
Bertie Charles – For going out of his way to help in Humanities and RE lessons this week
Arjun Gill – For good oral contributions to his Humanities lessons as we delve further into the battles of WW1.
Jia Yi Wu – Working hard in his Humanities and RE lessons – participating and completing work to a good standard.
Jaskiran Rai – For super focus in English and listening to advice as to how to improve.
Nihal Rai – For being a conscientious and diligent pupil in and outside of lessons.
Nandini Kumar – For brilliant contributions to lessons this week and a wonderfully positive attitude towards school!



Charles Huang – For playing gently and getting involved with house games.
Ava-Mae Crouch – For fantastic tidying and always having a beaming smile in the house.


Thomas McGing – Helping to set up the Year 5 art display.
Mani Kaur –
Contributing to the Year 5 art display.

The winning House this week with 2101 House Points is….St. Margaret’s House




Benjamin White – For a great return to school and a positive attitude to his work.
Zayna Abbas – For her polite manners towards others and for always having a positive outlook.
Roman Wadhwa – For his returning enthusiasm and effort in lessons and form time, and for demonstrating his creativity by making a fantastic project
Lucas Gurney – Working enthusiastically in all lessons and always producing work of an excellent standard.
Anna Newman – For the enthusiasm she shows daily to all aspects of school life! A truly wonderful member of the BCS community.
Miles Elledge – For always giving 100% to everything he does and always showing his BCS Values
Moritz Bongs – For his hardworking attitude and striving to do better.
Harry Fraser – For his maturing answers in Humanities, explaining whether a piece of evidence supported the statement or not! Keep up your enthusiasm!
Tom Cowley – For an organised and focused approach to his work, particularly in Humanities , and always displaying the BCS Values.


Jerry Kang
Freya White


Summer Wedgebury
Jessica Zhang
Matthias von Malaise
Wilfred Crow-Marcetic
Alayna Latif
Esther Sun
Annabelle Miller
Susie Bentick
Aria Patel
Elle Browne
Amadora Ramos Liu
Anna Newman
Sophie Longworth
Riah Bailey
Nush Singh
James Longworth
Jack S
Arjun Gill
Remy Granger


Emily Newman – Fantastic progress on her cushion. Emily did a great job of bonding the fibres on her cushion and should be really proud of her hard work in the lesson.
Junius Zhao – Fantastic stitching skills and brilliant commitment to making progress on his iPad cover.
Taneesha Shetty – Fantastic independent work and brilliant progress on her hat.
Jodh Singh – Fantastic progress with his slippers. Great focus and determination within the lesson.