On Monday 7th March, the children of Year 5 took part in a slightly different group of activities, all focusing on leadership. The aim of the day was to introduce the children to what a leader is and how a leader might have act in certain situations, with the children completing a variety of tasks that demonstrated the different characteristics a leader might need.

One of the tasks focused on public speaking, where the children looked at completing a Dragon’s Den style pitch to their peers. The next task focused on creativity, with the children having to come up with a task, that could be carried out at school, linked to the upcoming Sports Relief Day. Another task focused on teamwork. The children completed different tasks in the forest with Mr Isherwood, working as a team to achieve a shared goal. The final task taught the children that leaders should remain calm in an emergency, with the children learning the steps to and then practising the recovery position on their classmates.

A fantastic morning of activities for our future leaders!

Mr Hulbert