Monty Webb – For always having a smile on his face and a positive approach to his work.
Sophia Cass-Romera –
For working really hard to show her BCS Values, especially patience, and for being an excellent listener this week.
Gursimran Nandra –
For working so hard on her preparation for the ESB presentation of an object. Super work.
Connor Blacklaws –
For a fantastic improvement in his attitude to work, the effort he puts in and an improvement to his attitude and relationships with his peers.

Kyra Sandhu – For always approaching lessons in a positive and mature way, working hard and for participating well in class discussion.
Alayna Latif –
Excellent preparation for the ESB
Audrey Yang –
For having such a happy, enthusiastic approach to all aspects of school life.
Carlino Kumar –
For always giving 100% to all aspects of school life.

Serena Wadhwa – For her positive attitude to school life and lessons.
Priscilla Stojek – For more confident contributions to class discussions, especially in Humanities and RE.
Amber Laroiya –
For always giving 100% in lessons and for always being willing to have a go.

Jack Soundy – For more confident contributions to class discussions, especially in Humanities and RE.
Ramneek Chatha –
For enthusiastic participation and thoughtful contributions to all class discussions.
Tia Sharma –
For producing polished and thoughtful written work and always displaying an independent attitude.
Jonty Scurlock –
For a marked improvement in his handwriting and trying hard in lessons.
Siyao Ou –
For always displaying BCS values and for increased contributions within lessons.


Pippa Shaw –  For being super helpful in the house and tidying.
Jonathan Nadew – For playing so well in the house and always showing his BCS values.

Junius Zhao – For helping by letting children know that their parents have arrived at the end of the day.

Anna Newman – Helping to keep the art supplies topped up.
Max Horwitch-Smith –
Helping to keep the computers plugged in and working correctly.

Evangeline Ernest – For sharing resources from home for the children in the Bubble to enjoy.

The winning House this week is St George’s with a total of 1460 points. Well done boys!


Charles Huang – For always displaying his BCS values and bringing such a lovely energy to the classroom.
Nishka Somisetti –
For an improvement in her attitude to work.

Rayan Chauhan – For always showing the BCS Values and being so thoughtful.
Isaac Soundy –
For always persevering, putting a lot of thought into his work and always displaying the BCS values.

Matthias von Malaise – For always diligently applying himself in lessons and putting in 100% effort.
Haoyang Sun – Working with a positive attitude in all his lessons and generally being a polite and helpful member of the class.
Wilf Crow-Marcetic –
For always being incredibly polite and helpful, as well as producing excellent pieces of written work in English and Humanities in recent weeks!


Junius Zhao
Isabella Gabriel


Raju Sethi
Noah Olatoyo-Moses
Bikram Kang
Rayan Chauhan
Remy Granger
Vivek Ratti
Ethan Graves
Arjun Gill
Anna Newman
Rosie Moody
Lydia Braham
Aaria Ratti


Joshua Cotterill – Josh has amazing sewing skills and is persistently exhibiting the ability to work independently throughout every single lesson. Joshua should be really proud of himself for his achievements.

Audrey Yang – Audrey really thought outside the box when it came to decorating her iPad cover, working independently for the duration of the lesson too. We found her use of her ‘sun’ to conceal the metal fastening particularly innovative.

Rayyan Jawaid – Rayyan worked independently for the entirety for the lesson and made fantastic progress on his hat.

Erin Hickebottom – Erin has made a fantastic effort on her Enrichment Homework, by using a number of different techniques to create her piece. Additionally, Erin has made a brilliant entry for the Rivers of Hope competition. Well done Erin!