Of all the special joys in life,

The big ones and the small.

A mother’s love and tenderness,

Is the greatest of them all…


On Thursday 24th March, Year 1 delivered an outstanding Mothering Sunday service. 1B introduced the service and talked about the importance of Mothers’ Day and read out different poems. The children used metaphors and similes to describe their love for their mothers. Some children described their Mummy as being ‘as sweet as strawberries’ and even as ‘elegant as a dove’. 1B also shared ways to make Mothers’ Day extra special! The children said they would like to share a snuggly cuddle with their Mum and even pick a bunch of flowers out. 

1H then talked about the history of Mothers’ Day. About 400 years ago, people would visit the nearest big church called the ‘Mother Church’. Anyone visiting the Mother Church would say they had gone ‘a-mothering’, so you can see where the name ‘Mothering Sunday’ came from. 1H also acted out the different job titles a Mum has and how hard this can be at times. This includes being a nurse, a chef, police officer, storyteller, teacher, housekeeper, magician and a taxi driver! Phew! No wonder mums get tired at the end of the day. It must be difficult trying to keep up with all these jobs.

All of the children in each class cheerfully tried hard to learn their lines. Well done, Year 1!

Miss O’Hanlon