The honour of carrying Jesus fell to Zedy, the poor donkey who nobody loved.  Even Zedy’s owner gave him away when the Disciples came for him!  Marcellus, the noble horse, thought that he should be the one worthy of carrying such an important passenger. 

3HW told the Bible story of when Jesus was carried into Jerusalem on the back of a poor donkey named Zedy. Delicately and respectfully narrating how Jesus was greeted by palms as he entered the town, 3HW acted out the story that starts Holy Week in the Christian calendar.  

As we listened to the story of Jesus, a humble man, who was loved by so many, we are reminded of the sacrifice Jesus was about to make and the start of the Easter story. It gives us all the opportunity to look beyond the surface to discover something beautiful within, time to stop and smell the roses and be thankful for what we have in our lives.

Well done 3HW.

Mrs Walker