The Animal Man visits Nursery

The Nursery children had an exciting morning on Friday 18th March when they were visited by the Animal Man. He brought along lots of different minibeasts such as millipedes, giant snails, and cockroaches. The children and adults enjoyed handling the creepy crawlies and describing what they looked and felt like. Here are some of their views.

Amie (NR) said, “The cockroaches feel tickly on my hand.”

Lucas (NR) said, “The millipedes have lots and lots of legs.”

Eleanor (NH) stated “The frog jumped in and out, it was funny.”

Jasper (NH) commented that “The frog jumped out of its box onto the floor, it scared me, it was funny.”

William (NA) answered “My favourite part was dressing up as a minibeast. I liked the frog jumping out when the animal man was trying to pop the lid back on.”

Liya (NA) said “I hold in my hand the minibeast”

Thank you to DWAEC for providing these interactive sessions for the children.

Mrs Reiner