Arin Nair – For always having a smile on his face and trying to improve the quantity of work he is completing in class.

Kara Rao – For always demonstrating her Blue Coat Values, always helping without being asked, and for having an infectious smile.

Raju Sethi – For showing perseverance in all areas of his work.

Aarav Gautam – For an improvement in his attitude and effort towards his work and a making a big effort to improve his handwriting.

Camilla McCorry – For always working hard in lessons and displaying the BCS values at all times.

Jasper Neeson – For always trying hard and persevering and for excellent work in Humanities.

Arjun Najran – For an enthusiastic attitude to learning in English and Maths.

Destinee McKenzie – For excellent attitude to learning in English and for contributing to discussions in Science with enthusiasm.

Sabreena Townsend – For excellent manners and perseverance in all her activities.

Madalen Cottrill – For showing BCS Values of patience, respect and continuing to contribute enthusiastically in class.

Kabir Tajuria – For always giving 100% in lessons and for always being willing to have a go.

Aditi Mohanty – For valuable contributions in Humanities and RE discussions and for always being helpful in the classroom to both staff and her peers.

Greg Hackett – For a consistently enthusiastic approach to his learning; always giving 100% to each and every task.

Evangeline Ernest – For showing endless enthusiasm to all learning and always offering their opinion to discussion tasks.

Luca Irvine – For showing particular helpfulness in class and a focused approach in Humanities.

Sam Lawton – For focusing more in lessons and getting an increased amount completed.

Elaine Nguyen – For having a brilliant week both academically and musically!




Flo Raine – For showing her BCS values in the house. Well done Flo.

William Wang – For playing well in the house. Well done William.


Maysahm Hamilton – For assisting the supply teacher in the House.

Chloe Tian – For helping Mrs Redfern with a computer problem


The winning House this week is St Philip’s with a total of 1355 points. Well done boys!



Neve D’Naute



Susannah Nicholas

Karen Jia

Emily De Bono

Daniel Tyler



Finley Rees – Finley has produced some incredible sewing on his cushion. We were both extremely impressed by how precise and small each stitch was. Finley should be incredibly proud of his work!

Umaiza Kashif – Umaiza has worked incredibly hard to ensure that her hat could be completed. Her hat is very well sewn and she has added some fantastic ears. Umaiza should be really pleased with her achievements within this project.

Ethan Graves – Ethan has worked incredibly hard to create his slippers. We were particularly impressed by his decorative additions that he made during this week’s lesson. Ethan should be really proud of his effort throughout the project.