As part of our topic this half term ‘If you go down to the woods’ Reception has been learning about minibeasts and animals which reside in the UK. We talked about the metamorphosis process which some animals such as tadpoles and caterpillars go through. Each reception class was lucky enough to experience this firsthand as we watched caterpillars turn into chrysalises then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.

After a few days of having the butterflies in the classroom and observing them, we spoke about letting them free and chose a lovely sunny afternoon to do this, some of us even got the opportunity to hold them before they took flight. It was amazing to see them fly away!

Also, here are some facts we learnt about a different species of British butterfly, the Small Tortoiseshell:

  • Small tortoiseshell butterflies live for about 9 months
  • Small tortoiseshell butterflies don’t migrate
  • Small tortoiseshell butterflies hibernate during winter
  • Small tortoiseshell caterpillars are fond of nettles

Mr Robinson