It was a very busy weekend as we prepared to make a CD recording with Alex studios and Mike at Recording Engineer. After months of preparation and hard work, the children arrived excited and full of anticipation as they sat down and prepared to play. Each group performed note perfect and it will be hard to decide which of the many takes we recorded will be going forward to be put onto the CD. Alex and Mike were hugely encouraging to the performers and really helped to get the best out of them.

On Monday of this week Mike and Alex were back with us to record the whole school singing specially commissioned songs for our 300th birthday. Written by Becky Drake and yours truly the songs were sung with enthusiasm, gusto, and fantastic energy by everybody in prep and in pre-prep. We can’t wait to hear the final versions of the songs and I’m sure the children will be excited to hear themselves singing.

Over the holidays Mr Nicklin and Alex will get together to mix the final edits and send them off to be mastered before preparing the CD for printing and digital downloads.

A huge thank you to the visiting music teachers, the children, Miss Akehurst and the Estates team for enabling us to have such a productive and exciting recording weekend.

Look out for more information about when the CD will be available to buy and download

Mr Nicklin