The term ended with our Easter celebrations. The Hall was packed on Thursday morning, as parents and children filled the room for the Pre-Prep service. It was very special to gather together, as Year 2 took the lead, guiding us through the Easter story. We were invited into the Easter kitchen, where the children used Easter foods, such as Hot Cross Buns, chocolate nests, Easter Eggs and Simnel cake to remind us of the true meaning of Easter. The children sang their hearts out, performing a range of joyful, Easter songs. Chaplain set up an egg hunt for her puppet Rocky, and the children squealed with delight as eggs were discovered in surprising places: one was found under a parent’s chair and another inside Mrs Andrew’s pocket! 

In Prep, Mikey Nikey made a special guest appearance to help with one of Chaplain’s legendary quizzes, and also Revd Tim Hughes and his band from Gas Street Church joined us to lead the services. Full of energy and joy, the band played a new song “Keep on Provin’ it” with the help of the Chapel Choir, who sang boldly and beautifully! Some of our Year 4s and Year 6s delivered a powerful account of the moment Mary realised Jesus had risen. Tim gave an inspiring talk, reminding us of the power of Jesus’s resurrection and the new life it brings to all! 

Mrs Drake