Carla Chan – For always displaying the BCS Values and using her excellent manners.

Zar Gabriel – For his effort and enthusiasm with his English Speaking Board preparation.

Yousef Najib – For continual hard work throughout the term and for always displaying the BCS values. He always has a smile and a positive attitude.

Kunal Tajuria – For a fantastic attitude to his learning and always trying his best.

Elle Browne – For working hard towards her ESB assessment.

Oli Cowley – For trying so hard with everything he does!

Arya Madhavan – For her excellent effort with the ESB work, for a fantastic character description about a lion and for always displaying the BCS values.

Hugo Brinkman – For showing BCS Values of patience and respect, and for continuing to contribute enthusiastically in class.

Otis Hodge – For always giving 100% in lessons and for always being willing to have a go.

Jasmin Khzaei – For a positive attitude to her learning and good listening throughout the week.

Neth Medagoda – For maturely approaching extension tasks in Maths lessons and contributing more frequently to class discussions.

Aalisya Bhatti – For showing BCS Values of patience, respect and for always contributing thoughtfully in class.

Krish Choudhury – For always displaying an enthusiastic approach to learning as well as being exceptionally polite and respectful to others.

Robert Miller – For asking insightful and probing questions during our visit to the Synagogue.

Shawn Sen – For being kind and respectful towards his peers and displaying a positive attitude at all times. And for continuing to demonstrate all the Blue Coat values throughout a busy end of term!

All of 6AN – To all of 6AN, for being stars in your own way, for representing yourselves well and representing Miss Nazir well with your conduct and upholding of your BCS values. It has been a pleasure.




Kara Rao – For always having a smile and being calm as well as her lovely manners. She is a good role model for the house.

Kunal Tajuria – For his calm and gentle nature when playing in the house, being a good role model and his lovely manners.


Keya Sidhu and Isabella Wyndham – For putting up an art work display in the House.



Connor Blacklaws

Destinee McKenzie

Aditya Solanki

Karam Gill



Connor and Jack Blacklaws – Connor and Jack have both worked incredibly hard on their felted cushions throughout the entire project. They should be very proud of their efforts.

Paarus Dhillon – Making a beautiful ipad cover.

Emily De Bono – Throughout the entirety of this project Emily has been very driven to create a Winnie the Pooh themed hat. She has created exactly that and has gone above and beyond to add a number of decorative pieces to the hat to complete her vision. Emily should be incredibly proud of the hard work she has put into her hat and also of the help she has given to others after completing her own work. Well done Emily!

Xavier Jabbar – Very creative and original slipper decoration