The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will be the largest event held in the region as we host 11 days of sport, across 15 competition venues. To celebrate this and in conjunction with the visit this week from Commonwealth Games mascot “Perry the Bull” we held our own Commonwealth Games morning for our year 3 pupils on Friday.

The smiles on the faces of our Y3 children during their activities tell a lovely story of children very happy to participate in new activities in an exciting morning with their peers where they competed in the colours of the commonwealth country they were representing. All had the opportunity to try six different activities from boxing to badminton.

It was lovely to see all the pupils taking part and giving it their best. There was a lot of cheering, clapping and support for each other, it was a lovely celebration and you can see why the Commonwealth Games is known as the “Friendly Games”.  The shortbread medals made by Mr Moss in catering which each child received for participating was super tasty and a great way to finish the morning. Much fun was had by all the participants and it was an action-packed morning and I hope the gallery of photos attached go some way to capture it.

Mrs Bennett