The children in Year 1 began their wonderful outing at Conkers by stepping aboard the Conkerchoo train. They travelled to the Enchanted Forest where they took part in a ranger lead activity. The children listened to a story whilst they followed a trail to discover teddy bears hiding. They were encouraged to identify willow, oak, and silver birch trees. At the bottom of each of the trees, the children discovered an object made from that specific type of timber.

Although it drizzled, the air was warm, and the children’s spirits were not dampened. They rose to the challenge of completing a multi-sensory barefoot walkthrough 200 years of Conkers history, incorporating days of Victorian spas, coal mining, and the development of the National Forest. Shrieks of delight resonated as they waded through water and across the different materials.

Tara remarked, ‘I liked the barefoot walk because we got to put our feet in the water, and it was really good fun!’

After all the excitement of the morning, the children were well and truly ready to tuck into their packed lunches!

The trip to the 4D cinema did not disappoint, the children sat excitedly, equipped with their special glasses. As they followed the journey of an ant through a jungle, they were surprised by gusts of air, and they were squirted with water.

Kavan from Year 1 commented, ‘When the water squirted out and the air blew in my face, it was funny!’

Angela expressed, ‘The barefoot walk and the cinema were my favourite parts of the day – it was an amazing trip!’

It was a pleasure to take the children to Conkers, they were all very well behaved and we had a truly wonderful day.


Ms Benjamin-Coker