KES Primary Schools’ U9 and U10 Swimming Gala (A)

Swimmer of the Gala: Elle Browne

To the backdrop of an extremely supportive crowd at King Edward’s School, BCS swimmers put in many successful performances against varied opposition. BCS came away with a hatful of gold medals, several silvers and a few bronzes from both individual events and team relays. Elle stood out to the coaches as a key swimmer in her relay team, also achieving strong personal times. The overall attitude of the BCS team was encouraging and positive towards other teams and officials. The coaching staff were very impressed with the results and sportsmanship of the swimmers, particularly after a long Easter break away from the pool.

Miss Mockler and Mr Clifford

U9A Boys’ Cricket v Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School (H)

Result: BCS won by 31 runs

Player of the Match: James Barwell

This was a superb and dominating performance to start to the cricket season! BCS elected to bowl first, with Umar opening. Within his first over Umar had over bowled 3 wickets giving BCS a comfortable start. Noah followed this success by bowling the only maiden of the game. Overall, BCS were accurate and consistent with their bowling, forcing some excellent shots from the opposing batsmen. The innings ended with WGJS on 214 runs. In bat, BCS looked to score as many runs as possible, communicating well between the wickets and limiting any unnecessary risks. The highlight was undoubtedly the final over which saw Freddy and James score a whopping 21 off six balls. Overall this was a strong squad performance and the boys should be extremely proud of themselves.

Mr Melia

U9B Boys’ Cricket v Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School (H)

Result: BCS won by 30 runs

Player of the Match: Aydin Khan

A disciplined performance by the U9 Cricket team ensured their victory over WGJS. BCS bowled first, displaying excellent accuracy. Siyuan, Liam, and Rohan conceded very few runs off their bowling, making it very difficult for WGJS to score any runs. Oli bowled a wicket maiden, clean bowling the batter out; this was followed in the final over with Myle bowling with pace and ferocity, taking two wickets. This was the end of the WGJS innings and they finished on a total of 222.

BCS started off their batting nice and steady with the boys not losing any wickets. Into the final pair, some explosive striking by Aydin – hitting a great six over extra cover and then a four down the ground – meant that BCS finished on a total of 252 and were the winners by 30 runs. A solid start to the cricket season with plenty of positives but some areas to develop for the season.

Mr Gregory

U11A Girls’ Cricket v Bromsgrove School (H)

Result: BCS lost by 42 runs

Player of the Match: Ramneek Chatha

With this being our first match and the sudden downpour of rain meaning a change in venues to the astro, despite the score there were lots of positives we can take from this match. Notable moments were the wickets taken by Aalisya and Safiya and the ball being hit for 4 by Isabella W and Elaine. Our batting innings was definitely exciting especially with the bonus of the smaller side boundary. At times we could have taken advantage of some indecisiveness from Bromsgrove’s batters but we failed to take the wicket as the batter sprinted safely into the crease. Plenty to work on in Games still but not a bad start overall.

Mrs Bennett

U11B Girls’ Cricket v Bromsgrove School (H)

Result: BCS lost by 18 runs

Player of the Match: Susie Tomlinson

This was a really close competitive game of cricket. For their first game of the season I was really impressed with the pace and accuracy of the bowling. The girls fielded well, adapting to the indoor rules on the astro and working hard to stop the runs and boundaries. BCS took 2 wickets, by Beatrice and Tia. They were aggressive with the bat, moving well and trying to hit the boundaries. Top scoring pairs of batters were Susie and Lois with 28 and Yashna and Evangeline also with 28. Although they lost, the girls played really well against a strong Bromsgrove side.

Miss Crews

U11C Girls’ Cricket v Bromsgrove School (H)

Result: BCS lost by 58 runs

Player of the Match: Chloe Tian

It was a super start to the cricket season by the U11 girls. A sudden downpour of rain meant that our venue was changed to half of the sports hall, however the girls adapted well and they approached the game with great enthusiasm. We were first to bat and the girls were hitting the boundary at least once in every over. There were five 6s scored during our batting as well as eight 4s scored; this was a very impressive performance by the girls. It was then our time to bowl, there were wickets taken by Vuyi, Siyuan and two taken by Lailaa and Yixian each. Even though it was a loss the girls really enjoyed themselves and they congratulated Bromsgrove and showed their BCS values. A great start to the season, well done girls.

Miss Ryan

U11D Girls’ Cricket v Bromsgrove School (H)

Result: BCS won by 15 runs

Player of the Match: Esmee Raghavan

This was the U11s’ first fixture of the term. Unfortunately, due to the weather we had to move our match indoors – although this didn’t seem to deter the girls at all! Winning the toss, we decided to field first, which proved to be an excellent choice. Bromsgrove demonstrated some very good batting skills which allowed them to make several runs. However, sometimes they made some risky decisions, allowing BCS to stump them out on four occasions within the first innings. BCS demonstrated good teamwork, and stayed focused throughout their fielding innings. Moving into batting, they knew how many runs they needed to win. Each batting pair made consistent contact with the ball, although at times BCS were not confident to make runs, when they could have done. Be confident girls, and communicate! Having said this, they managed to secure enough runs to win the game, and only losing one wicket within their innings! Well done, girls, a good start to the season.

Mrs Somerville

U11A Boys’ Cricket v West House (A)

Result: BCS lost

Player of the Match: Aarya Yallappa

In a close encounter the U11As narrowly lost to West House. Batting first, BCS got off to an excellent start thanks to a wonderful partnership between Aarya and Greg: Aarya dispatched the West House bowlers with aplomb while Greg accumulated runs at the other end. After both had declared, runs became harder to come by as a middle order collapse put the pressure on. However in came Harry with some excellent cover drives to help reach a respectable 118. The innings started with James and Remy bowling well, however not enough balls hit the stumps on a slow wicket. Nush bowled well but to be fair to West House their running between the wickets was exceptional and they put a lot of pressure on the fielders who found it hard in slippery conditions. In the end this, combined with the number of extras, was the difference between the two teams and West House ran out worthy winners on the day. That said, it was a very good game which should stand the players in good stead moving forward.

Mr Protherough

U11B Boys’ Cricket v West House (H)

Result: BCS lost by 5 runs

Player of the Match: Robert Miller

This was a fantastic first game of the season for the U11Bs. Losing the toss, BCS were asked to field. Tight bowling from Wilf, Pranav and Jonty ensured a good first innings, and in the end, a close finish. A good match overall, which has set the boys up well for the season.

Mr Matthews

U10A Girls’ Cricket v King’s High Warwick (H)

Result: BCS won by 3 runs

Player of the Match: Mia Sargeant

On a fantastic sunny afternoon, the BCS girls enjoyed taking centre stage on the front pitches and put on a great display of cricket. Fielding first, it was great to see all bowling over arm with accuracy, rewarding the team with 2 wickets. BCS on the whole fielded well, moving quickly to the ball and throwing accurately back to the wickets. To improve, they now need to work on backing up. With the bat, the Blue Coat girls attempted to hit the ball into space and make the run. Our strongest pair, Tanesha and Lara scored 21 runs off 4 overs. The girls learnt lots from this game and had a very enjoyable afternoon.

Miss Crews

U10B Girls’ Cricket v King’s High Warwick (H)

Result: BCS won by 124 runs

Player of the Match: Anna Newman

Cricket always seems better in the sunshine and my golly the sun was shining down on the BCS U10 girls today. This truly was a fabulous display of cricket with 8 wickets taken from bowling (Sabrina, Sophie, Aaria, Tabitha, Madalen and Rosie). Catches were made by Sabrina, Madalen,Tabitha and Sophie however, when fielding, all the girls stayed focused and covered each other as they finished on -3. While batting, although Warwick bowled under arm the BCS girls still communicated well and made some great runs, Eliza and Sab scoring 43, Sophie and Aaria 24, Madalen and Tabitha 20 and the final pair Anna and Rosie scoring 44. It should be also noted Eliza scored 4 boundaries and hit 1 for 6, Sophie hit a boundary and 1 for 6, Tabitha and Rosie also hit a boundary and Anna hit 5 boundaries and a 6. This really was a lesson in how to play cricket and the match was enjoyed by all.

Mrs Bennett

U11 Boys’ Football v Green Meadow

Result: BCS 3 – 0 Green Meadow

Player of the Match: Silas Saha

One word described today’s fixture: physical. Green Meadow were aggressive on and off meaning this was a hard fought 40minute battle. BCS responded to this challenge in a mature and professional manner, not allowing Green Meadow to bully them off the ball. Silas, Jonty and Krish quickly identified key players and soon became their shadows, not allowing them to move or turn with the ball without instant pressure. Our midfield used the width and quick passes to get the ball forward effectively. For the first 15minutes BCS had the main bulk of the attack with a cheeky goal coming in from what looked like a cross from the side line. The second half saw Green Meadow create wave after wave of attack. Despite this pressure, Harry still had very little to do in goal. This is great credit to all players getting behind the ball and marking Green Meadow out the game. With Nihal as our quick counterattack option, Green Meadow’s fitness began to fade, and we capitalised on 2 well-constructed late goals. This was a superb, mature team performance today and a greatly deserved victory.

Mr Melia