We take so much for granted these days, do we not? Television, radio, the Internet, the aeroplane, the motor car, the mobile phone, the vacuum cleaner and the electric toothbrush. It is hard to imagine that 300 years ago we had none of these things. Indeed, although the seed drill had just been invented, we were still awaiting the arrival of the spinning frame, the steam engine and the flush toilet. But everybody at Blue Coat School this week has given thanks for the foundation 300 years ago of the place where we live and work. People have gathered and reflected on three centuries of valour, effort and achievement.

This week we celebrated Founders Day in spectacular style. On Thursday Years 5 and 6 were joined by parents and friends of BCS at St Philip’s Cathedral to celebrate our 300th birthday.  It was a beautiful occasion to celebrate such a momentous occasion with the extended BCS family. For me, it was a privilege and an honour to welcome back two of my predecessors: Messrs Bissel and Browning. All three of us laid wreaths at The Blue Coat Memorial, representing three centuries of  Education in Birmingham. After the event, it was wonderful to spend time chatting and reminiscing with colleagues and governors past and present.

On Friday morning, I led a Founders Day service for the lower school. This was another beautiful event. We were inspired by Rev Charlie Butler (OS) who delivered a talk that will live long in the memories of the younger members of the school community. Across both events, the Chapel and Senior Choirs were in characteristically excellent voices. In fact, everybody played his or her part in two fantastic family events that will go down in the school’s proud history. A special thank you to Miss Ackhurst, Miss Patel, Mrs Creaton and Mr Nicklin for the work on music, drama and general support. It was greatly appreciated.

Growing in Grace, as the school motto bids us, 6DC produced a memorable assembly on ‘Kindness’ based on the bible story of Zacchaeus climbing the tree. It reinforces our theme for the term; to value the BCS values of perseverance, respect and kindness. Congratulations to all the children and to Mr Coley for delivering a first class performance.

Monday and Tuesday’s Pre-Prep recitals were sublime. The talented individuals of Year 1 and 2 put on a display of musicianship well beyond their years. From piano to voice to violin, their skills reinforced the extraordinary musical tradition at our School. Well done, one and all. 

It was lovely to see another positive week of cricket in our block fixture with Warwick School. Both the boys and the girls excelled again. Most important, whether playing a match or training, the children were smiling and having fun. I particularly enjoyed watching Year 5 girls train on Monday, honing their skills, smiling and supporting each other. I look forward eagerly to seeing them play this season.

This Saturday, we welcome author and creative writing guru, Katy Moran, to BCS as part of our young writers’ experience. Over 70 children in Year 5 will give up their weekend to burnish their writing skills. The children will no doubt get much from this day. A big thank you to the wonderful Mrs Ayub, for  organising this event.

Even as I prepare to write my closing words, I can hear you say, ‘Stop going on, Noel!’ I know this is a repeat of an earlier plea, but please do book up for the tri-centenary events. Numbers are now strong, so if you want to avoid disappointment………!


Have a great family weekend!