U10A Boys’ Cricket v Warwick Prep (H)

Result: BCS won by 87 runs

Player of the Match: Toby Williams

The U10A Cricket team started the season with a bang, putting in a comprehensive performance against Warwick. After losing the toss and being put into bat, who knew the fireworks that would follow! Toby and Jai were the first pair batting, with Jai showing a calm head accumulating singles and Toby went into full Ben Stokes mode hitting some monstrous shots to all parts of the ground with the crowd and other pitch being peppered by the cricket ball. At one point Toby hit three sixes in a row getting the BCS innings off to an explosive start in a great array of hitting. The following pairs ticked over the scoring, with Tom and Hugo showing clever running between the wickets and then Will and Aaryan playing sensibly with Aaryan putting the bad ball away for 4. Oliver and Vidur tried to keep the run rate ticking over but lost a few wickets due to some accurate bowling by Warwick. Into the final batting pair, Ismaeel batted cleverly, looking for the single to get Aditiya on strike who in turn played some glorious shots to the boundary. A final total of 278 (in pairs cricket the start is 200) off 20 overs which was a competitive total but could have been higher due to the loss of wickets.

If there was an explosive start in the first innings, the same was repeated in the second innings with Aaryan taking a wicket off the first ball of the innings. This was a theme with Aaryan and fellow opening bowler Toby taking 8 wickets in the first 4 overs bowling with venom and accuracy. Oliver, Will and Jai bowled accurately, conceding few runs and creating pressure for the batting team. Tom bowled a lovely spell of leg spin bowling once he got his pace and energy into his delivering and Hugo found some bounce from the wicket bowling into the surface. However, off spin bowler Ismaeel extracted real turn from the pitch taking two wickets in two balls and being so close for the hat trick. Vidur then finished off the innings bowling with pace and aggression taking some wickets. All of this was helped by some excellent wicket keeping by Aditya who took numerous stumpings when the batters stepped out of their crease. An impressive performance from the team with bat and ball but with plenty of areas for development in future games.

Mr Gregory

U10B Boys’ Cricket v Warwick Prep (H)

Result: BCS won by 63 runs

Player of the Match: Sebastian Raine

The U10B Cricket team put in an impressive performance in their first fixture of the season, playing against Warwick. BCS fielded first and started off well with Kabir and Seb bowling accurately with some nice away swing causing problems for the batters. This continued with James, Dan, Ahryan, and Rohan continuing to bowl accurately and chipping away at wickets supported by some good catching to continue to take wickets off the Warwick batters. Seb did a brilliant job as Captain, organising the fielding positions so that it was difficult for the opposition to score runs. BCS then went into batting and knew they had to be proactive from the first delivery. They did this with Dan showing smart running between the wickets along with Rohan and Noah, Aaron, and Sam punishing any bad ball towards the boundary and Toby A being consistent as ever with the bat in hand. BCS chased the Warwick total comfortably in the end with Seb being nominated as player of the match due his exceptional leadership skills as well as accurate bowling performance.

Mr Gregory

U10C/D/E Boys’ Cricket v Warwick Prep (A)

Result: BCS lost

It was great to see every Year 5 pupil participate in a pairs cricket game this afternoon. All pupils had the chance to experience batting and bowling under match conditions and play a 20 over fixture. The afternoon saw an abundance of boundaries and runs along with a huge progression within individuals’ bowling. Each match saw Warwick win by 20 runs indicating that each game was closely fought and went down to the final overs.

Mr Melia

U9A Cricket v Warwick Prep (A)

Result: BCS won by 95 runs

Player of the Match: Freddie Wood

The Year 4s produced another dominating performance today, playing against Warwick. BCS selected to bat first and produced some excellent batting scores: Noah and Loic scored a total of 17, Arjun and Rayan scored a total of 30, Umar and Dhruv scored a total of 26 followed by an impressive finish of 41 runs scored by James and Freddie. The boys batted maturely, taking the chances when they were there and batting sensibly when needed. Additionally, they communicated well between the wickets having only one run through the whole innings. Any no balls or wides were then bowled again by the umpire as a free ball – in the whole bowling innings, the umpire had to only bowl a handful of balls which just showed how accurately the team bowled. Highlights in the bowling were Umar bowling a maiden and then Freddie bowling 3 wickets in one over. Great performance!

Mr Melia

U9B Cricket v Warwick Prep (A)

Result: BCS won by 43 runs

Player of the Match: Idris Douis

The U9B team played very well to win a competitive game against Warwick by over 40 runs. Jasper started the game with a wicket off the very first ball to really give everyone a confidence lift. The boys proceeded to restrict Warwick through a combination of accurate bowling and some great catching, to a total of 223. Oli was probably the pick of the bowlers due to his accuracy. This never looked like it would be enough once “IPL” Idris started whacking the ball to all parts. Carlino also batted well with some strong leg side shots. The boys really took on board the feedback about running well between the wickets and although there were a few run outs I’d much rather see them try and run and get more confidence in their running at this age than stand there dithering. Overall it was a very pleasing performance, well done boys!

Mr Protherough

U9C Cricket v Warwick Prep (A)

Result: BCS lost by 1 run

Player of the Match: Finn Burrell

The U9C cricket team had an entertaining fixture versus Warwick resulting in a dramatic finish to the game. BCS elected to field first and some accurate bowling from Liam and Zimo made run scoring difficult for the opposition. This continued to be a theme with James, Siyuan, and Salmaan making runs very difficult to score. This was backed up by some smart fielding, with Jago and Zimo throwing themselves around in the field making some brilliant diving stops, and Finn producing an excellent catch for a wicket. BCS limited Warwick to 252 runs.

The BCS chase started cautiously but once Raess got his eye in, he hit some nice boundaries. Jago and James kept the score ticking over by some good running between the wickets. Then Finn and Zimo demonstrated a great partnership with some clever running between the wickets and some powerful boundary striking including Finn hitting a massive six over the boundary. This meant the total of 252 was in sight and Liam managed to score a boundary to get close to the score. However, a tight final over from Warwick ensured they were the victors by a single run, in a dramatic and entertaining game.

U9E Cricket v Warwick Prep (A)

Result: Draw

Player of the Match: Zayan Hussain

The U9E team played an adapted game of cricket in their first fixture of the season. The game tested their batting and fielding skills. BCS batted first and Joobin hit the ball hard into the gaps to score runs for the team. This was supported by Jayden who showed some speedy running between the wickets. BCS then fielded and Zayan showed some sharp catching and throwing skills, making it difficult for Warwick to run between the wickets. A great afternoon with all boys learning and developing their cricket skills.

Mr Melia

U9 Girls’ Kwik Cricket Festival at King’s High Prep, Warwick 

Every girl in Year 4 had the opportunity to travel and play cricket versus Warwick. When Miss Crews and I took a step back from the umpiring and observed over 80 girls playing some form of cricket it was an incredible sight. Whilst no official scoring took place, runs were counted and it was quite clear that Year 4 BCS girls had scored a whole lot of runs. I saw balls being hit thoughtfully into space with quick foot movements allowing for excellent body positioning to bat the ball far. There were some catches made also which is pleasing to see, however throwing rather than running the ball back to the bowler is something we will need to continue to look at to make even further progress.

Mrs Bennett

Player of the Match: Susie Bentick

Excited and eager to get started, Warwick won the toss and decided to bat first. Warwick had a good batting innings, managing to score 76 runs and only losing 4 wickets, thus finishing with 41 runs. BCS fielded well, and equally demonstrated all their bowling practice had paid off, not giving away too many ‘no balls’. Having a quick team talk in between innings, BCS girls knew how many runs they needed to score in order to win the game. It was very close in terms of runs as the match continued. However, Warwick girls decided to bowl underarm, giving them a big advantage. Not giving away any runs for ‘no balls’ while bowling made a significant difference to the score line. Having said that, they did field very well, managing to catch out 5 balls. We batted well, but often too high resulting in those easy catches! At the end of BCS’ batting innings the girls managed to score the same number of runs as Warwick; 76. However, with 5 wickets, their finishing score was 51. Narrowly missing out on a victory, the girls should be proud of their performance.

Mrs S