As part of our 300th birthday year programme, the Nursery Children enjoyed trying on some of the old Blue Coat school uniforms. They discussed the similarities and differences between the style of the uniforms and had lots of fun recreating images from the archives.

In English lessons, Year 1 loved writing to a Baboon to invite him to our 300th Anniversary party! They had to describe what was going to happen at the party and showed great kindness to a lonely fictional character.

As part of PSHE, Year 1 children worked collaboratively with partners to create beautiful party balloons. They all felt very proud of their excellent teamwork.

Maths lessons were a great opportunity to tally the different foods that would have been eaten when The Blue Coat School was first founded. We are very lucky to have such delicious lunches now!

Across the curriculum, Year 2 have enjoyed a range of activities related to The Blue Coat School’s 300th Anniversary celebrations.

In English lessons, we made and wrote with quills which was very novel (until everybody realised how often they needed to dip the quills in ink!). When this school was founded, many people would have written with quills, and everyone loved thinking about what that must’ve been like.

Maths lessons were incredibly exciting this week, as we completed a range of challenges related to the number 300. We had to work systematically, problem solve and work in teams to complete the different tasks set for us.

Creative arts lessons were particularly poignant, as we considered the future: what will schools be like in 300 years? How can we protect our planet for future generations? This led to each class creating a meaningful hexagonal design which relates to a specific environmental topic. These will be made into a beautiful display to commemorate this special year.