13/05/2022 U11 A Boys Cricket v Leicester Grammar School
Result:BCS won
Player of the Match: James Longworth

The U11 A team performed magnificently with a comprehensive victory against Leicestershire Grammar School. Batting first the opening pair of Yallapa and Hackett showed the importance of running well between the wickets and built a steady partnership until both were bamboozled by leg spin! That said, neither panicked and scored heavily in the remaining over. In fact all of the pairs batted sensibly on a wicket that was hard to score fluently on and we managed to set a respectable target of 110 off twenty overs. The old adage of never judging a score until both sides have batted on a wicket was proven correct in the first two overs where Longworth and Granger both opened up with double wicket maidens! LGS struggled with the accuracy of every bowler as the wickets kept tumbling and the wicketkeeping of Aditya Solanki was outstanding, with a number of stumpings which in general is unheard of in U11 cricket, and certainly not to the seamers! LGS battled and managed to end in the positive, meaning BCS won by 105 runs. An outstanding performance but still with plenty to work on as a number of catches were put down and our running between the wickets could still be better!

Mr Protherough

13/05/2022 U11 A Boys Cricket v Leicester Grammar School
Result: BCS won

Player of the Match:Wilf Crow-Marcetic

It’s easy to become complacent when you realise you are a stronger team than your opponents. This was not the case for the U11’s today – they remained disciplined and focussed on both bat and when bowling. Blue Coat elected to bat first and were faced with some competitive bowling. All pairs batted sensibly and took the chances when offered. Sam and Robert scored 30, Arjun and Armaan 26, Nush and Jonty (35 + the only team not to concede a wicket), Wilf and Vivek (33) and finally Jia and Ethan 21. Our bowling was accurate and fast and didn’t give LGJS much let up throughout the whole innings. Jia bowled two maidens and Jonty, Armaan and Robert all took 2 wickets in an over. We remained positive and professional throughout, clinically finishing the job in style.

Mr Melia

13/05/2022 U11 A Girls Cricket v Leicester Grammar School
Result: BCS won
Player of the Match: Tia S

After putting both schools through their paces participating in some cricket drills, the match commenced out on the front field in the glorious sunshine. With BCS into bat first we started off strong with Evangeline hitting a 6 and a 4 and Isabella also hitting a 4. This was a good starting pair also gaining some singles in the over. With Li and Riah next into bat they both found the boundary and scored 30 as a pair. Having seen some fabulous hitting beforehand Yashna and Rosa made an impressive 29 runs both scoring 6s and 4s throughout the over. Bea and Tia had a few more wides bowled to them in the first over but once the bowling improved Tia hit 3 6s and and Bea a 6 and a 4. Our final pair went into bat and Lois and Susie did not disappoint. With some excellent shots from Lois and good communication between them, they also ran some very good singles as well. We went into field and our bowling was really of a very high standard and looked impressive from the start with Li, Bea, Tia and Lois bowling wickets and Lois throwing in to dive and dramatically take a wicket, and Susie taking a catch. A fabulous display of cricket shown by all.

Mrs Bennett

13/05/2022 U11B Girls Cricket v Leicester Grammar School
Result: BCS won
Player of the Match: Isabella Gabriel

A perfect way to end the week, some of the U11 Crickets players got to spend a sunny afternoon playing a mini festival against some new competition. It was lovely to welcome Leicester Grammar to the school for the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last. The girls started with a workshop of activities, focusing on both bowling and batting, a fun way to get to know the girls from Leicester Grammar. Moving onto match play, where BCS won the toss and decided to field first! Demonstrating some excellent bowling and quick hands when fielding, we managed to stop Leicester Grammar from not only scoring many runs but also managed to get them several wickets, from ‘caught out’ and from being ‘stumped out’. Unfortunately, these wickets had a massive impact on their final score and when BCS went into bat, Leicester Grammar had a tall order if they wanted to take the win. Conversely, BCS had a superb batting innings, hitting the ball to the boundary time and time again, scoring both 4s and 6s . This confidence when batting went through all the team and put Leicester Grammar under a lot of pressure to field quickly and safely. Overall, it was a really good match which both teams equally enjoyed. Well done to all of the girls for demonstrating some excellent cricket skills, showing their hard work is paying off.

Mrs Somerville

17/05/2022 U9A Boys Cricket v The Elms
Result: Elms won by 24 runs
Player of the Match: Rayan Basu

This was an immensely close game where every run mattered. BCS elected to bowl first with James setting a high tempo of bowling with a maiden and a wicket. As a team we bowled accurately and consistently, rarely giving away cheap runs. The Elms were looking for singles every bowl, backing up consistently and putting the pressure on our fielders. A highlight in the bat was seeing a huge 6 hit by Rayan Basu. At times, we batted extremely well and looked to score doubles where possible. Alternatively, we had the tendency to leave our wickets vulnerable in the quest to hit boundaries. The risk reward was too high, and the Elms capitalised on this too frequently. Today’s high scoring batsmen were Rayan and Jasper with a total of 24 runs off 3 overs. The squad is continuing to grow in maturity and skill level and hopefully the boys see this a good learning opportunity.

Mr Melia

18/05/22 U10A Boys Cricket v RGS: Grange
Result: BCS won by 135 runs
Player of the Match: William Almond

The u10A Cricket team put in a comprehensive performance against RGS:Grange. The BCS team elected to field first and electric bowling from Aaryan and Vidur got the team off to a great start. This was backed up with spin bowlers Tom, Ismaeel, and Oliver bowling tightly and making runs very difficult to come by. The tight bowling was supported by an excellent fielding performance with Seb, Hugo, and Kabir taking some sharp catches and Tom and Oliver getting some lightning runouts, this was all supported by a brilliant display of wicket keeping by Aditya taking some difficult leg side takes and some sharp stumpings. BCS sharp performance ensured RGS scored a total of 173. BCS started well with Hugo, Seb and William scoring some good boundaries and displaying some excellent running between the wickets stealing some quick singles from the fielders. Tom and Ismaeel had a brilliant partnership again with some quick running between the wickets and punishing the bad ball for four runs. BCS were well ahead of the total now so the last pair were allowed to play some expansive shots with Vidur scoring a couple of boundaries and Aditya hitting a huge six. A comfortable win for the u10A team with William showing some excellent game understanding when batting and some accurate bowling to be the player of the match.

Mr Gregory

U10C & D Boys Cricket v RGS: Grange
Result: BCS won both
Player of the Match: Xander Hawley

The U10C & D teams played some fantastic cricket against RGS: Grange, both winning comprehensively. In the C’s everyone bowled well with very few wides but Xander Hawley showed some real potential. with both the bat and ball. In the other game Ismael Yasin Hussain and Zail Bhatti botb batted and bowled exceptionally. Sam Noble struck the ball well and Yang He bowled very straight and hit the ball hard. All in all a great afternoon.

Mr Protherough

18/05/22 U10B Girls Cricket v Bromsgrove
Result: BCS won by 21
Player of the Match: Lara Sethi

A fantastic afternoon of cricket in the sun. The girls won the toss and opted to field. We have worked hard on our fielding skills this week and it was lovely to see the girls backing each other up to cover the overthrow. Blue Coat bowled well focusing on line and length and took 3 wickets. We were quick to field the ball and prevented many singles. At times we still get a bit excited and panic in the field but we are definitely seeing improvements. WIth the bat the girls ran hard between the wickets picking up a lot of singles. We attempted to move our feet and hit into the space and we were rewarded with our efforts with each pair getting a good total. A few girls were able to hit to the boundary which was excellent and lara Sethi whacked 2 balls for 6 which is an excellent achievement. A very competitive game and a great win for the girls!

Miss Crews

18/05/22 U10A Girls’ Cricket v Bromsgrove (H) Mrs Bennett
Result: BCS lost by 15
Player of the Match: Sophie Longworth

This was both an excellent display of cricket and then, at times, with a lack of concentration, was costly. Having elected to field first we started in a strong position and Tarini bowled 2 wickets and Anna followed in the last over to take 1 wicket herself. Having missed several opportunities to catch the opposition out, Aaria ran and took a one handed catch in the air and Anna took a catch from Aaria’s bowl. With 68 total scored from Bromsgrove we went into bat. After the first 6 overs we were on -13 and with three pairs to go it still seemed achievable based on our previous batting total. Unfortunately, two further catches were made and two wickets taken and although decent scores were made (Aaria and Sophie 29) this was not enough to take the win. This highlighted we are still in a developmental stage with exposure to girls cricket and with more lessons on defensive shots and moving our feet to the ball no doubt we will be in a good position to start hard ball in year 6.

Mrs Bennett

18/05/22 U10C&D Cricket v Bromsgrove (H)
Result: BCS won
Players of the Match: Umaiza Kashif and Lucy Carberry 
A fantastic afternoon of Cricket, whereby BCS girls demonstrated a solid performance in their fielding, batting, and bowling, which made for two very competitive games. Fairly equally matched in terms of ability, both the games showed moments of some excellent play. With several balls hit reaching the boundary and scoring 4 or 6. In addition, there were some fantastic fielding particularly BCS girls, who were quick to react and work together as a team to stop Bromsgrove from scoring many runs. The C team game ended very closely with BCS scoring 98 runs and Bromsgrove scoring 94. Conversely in the D team game BCS scored 122 runs whereas Bromsgrove finished with 54. Well done to everyone who played this afternoon, was a super effort from each and everyone of you

Mrs Somerville

18/05/22 U10B Boys Cricket v RGS: Grange
Result: BCS won by 59 runs
Player of the Match: Toby Agadagba

The U10s really demonstrated the strength and depth of quality cricketers we have in this year group. As a teacher it is great to see but at the same time makes team selection so hard! BCS selected to bat first. RGS bowled accurately with some good pace, however, any mistake and all of the batters we able to capitalise on it. Additionally, we ran well between the wickets, scoring as many runs as possible off every ball. A special mention to Noah and Sam Sapey who scored 48 runs and Rohan and Toby A scoring 33 runs. Alternatively, as a team we bowled accurately with good line and length, limited the number of wides and no balls. A special mention to Shaan and Toby who both got 2 wickets in one over. BCS remained focussed and disciplined in both bat and bowled whilst playing with a great sporting attitude. Well done to all involved.

Mr Melia