Date: Tuesday 10th May 2022

Year 2 Pre-Prep Gala

On Tuesday 10th May the Blue Coat School were able to run the first Year 2 Gala in over 2 years, due to the pandemic. It was fantastic to see all the children perform well in an unfamiliar environment and clearly enjoy the experience. There were notable performances from Sukhmani and Chloe, who swam 25m freestyle and backstroke, as well as Rafael and Reuben putting in some positive swims along the length of the pool. As children that are progressing to move on towards swimming lengths, Jeevan, Abigail and Sienna performed a very technical swim during their freestyle and backstroke events over widths of the pool. It’s also worth noting that Sebastian displayed great attitude and real courage whilst taking part in his events. 

Date: Wednesday 11th May 2022

Reception Pre-Prep Gala

On the morning of Wednesday 11th, following on from the Year 2 Gala the day before, BCS ran the Reception gala to the backdrop of some brilliant parental support. All children took part with a brave effort in showing off their swimming skills to their classmates and spectators. Harry, Luyanda and William displayed a very competitive approach to racing, whilst also showing respect to their peers and teachers. It was clear that Kai, Skye and Michael were able to perform bravely and attempted to swim independently across the width for the first time without any teacher support. 

Date: Thursday 19th May 2022

Year 1 Pre-Prep Gala

On Thursday 19th May it was the turn of Year 1 to show off their swimming skills in the Year 1 Gala. The final BCS pre-prep gala was once again wonderfully supported by many parents and guardians. All the children put in fantastic performances and it was fantastic to witness the progress that they have made this academic year. Notably, George. B  and Kavan swam a very competitive 25m front crawl event and the high level of technique shown by Beatrice, Arya. K and Eliana was clear for all to see.

These are the first Pre-Prep galas to happen for over 2 years and we are so amazed with the skill and enjoyment which was on display for all to see. As always, a huge thank you to all the supporting staff for making the Galas possible and an equally big thank you to all those who came to support and cheer the children on.