Pre-Prep’s little feet made a big difference this week as they strolled around the school field in support of one of our 300th charities, Edward’s Trust. This charity has supported a number of Blue Coat families with bereavements over the years.

Cheered on by some children from Prep, Year 2 led the way closely followed by Year 1, Reception and Nursery. The children all appeared to have boundless energy as they walked, jogged and even ran around the field! There were lots of smiles and clear determination to walk as much as they could, even from the Pre-Prep staff! Year 2 walked an impressive five times around the field with Year 1 not far behind with four times around.

The children clearly enjoyed this event as Milo commented, “This is the best thing ever, I have so much energy!”

Azalea remarked, “This is so much fun, can we do it everyday?”

It was an enjoyable morning which has helped to raise vital funds needed to make a real difference to many families. A huge thank you to all the children that so eagerly took part and to those who have sponsored the children.