Inspiring young minds, Katy Moran began the sessions with a warm up exercise to empower pupils in their understanding of how to overcome that feeling of having a writer’s block, which included getting ideas down in free writing. Discussions took place to share how it feels to lose an item: school blazers, hoodies and coats seemed to be top of their lists! Subsequently, these items were described in detail using their senses to create imagery. This reminded pupils to appreciate how the balance of action, description and dialogue is important for an engaging narrative. Following on from this, pupils were invited to consider: ‘What if you could switch lives for the day…’ What havoc would you cause for your sibling, peer or even your pet? I am certain I would have a few villainous tricks up my sleeve if I were able to switch with my brother or sister for the day!

Katy talked about Bloodline, which is her first children’s novel. Interesting to know that Katy began writing this book whilst at University after her parents gifted her a Saxon brooch purchased from an Antique Shop in Cambridge thinking it was a replica. Her University Tutor insisted Katy should show this artifact to The British Museum in London, where they learnt that it was in fact 1300 years old and not a replica! Someone had lost this 1300 years ago and it was found in an archaeological dig, linking perfectly back to the earlier lost/found discussions. Year 5 were privileged to handle this real Saxon brooch.

Our morning ended with pupils having the opportunity to write opening paragraphs from a choice of picture stimuli. It was an honour to be with the Year 5 pupils during these sessions, who were brilliantly behaved, conscientious, and demonstrated their drive and determination perfectly.