Aarya Yallappa (6JM) For a determined and cheerful attitude in all his subjects and an excellent batting display at IAPS!

Aadya Agarwal (6RS) For always being a positive and friendly member of the class who is extremely helpful.

Riah Bailey (6AN) For being a proactive and proud member of the class. She has used her own initiative to try and solve problems and keep the classroom running smoothly!

Xavier Jabbar (6DC) For working incredibly hard during the STEM fan boats project, really taking the lead within their group!

ALL OF YEAR 3, 4 AND 5 For showing true Blue Coat Values of perseverance and resilience during their residential trips!


Zara Salim (6JM) For an excellent attitude to all of her learning and for always being cheerful and kind.

Keya Sidhu (6RS) For displaying a brilliant attitude to her learning and always trying her best.