The Grand Master has spoken, and our Year 2 children have been sorted into their Prep Houses!

Mr Neeson and Mrs James welcomed the children to the school hall, explaining the value of the four houses and the community spirit they inspire. The children met their House Heads – Mrs Redfern (St. Monica’s), Mrs Walker (St. Margaret’s), Mrs Stockton (St. Philip’s) and Mr Hill (St. George’s). As the children approached the stage and the infamous sorting hat, The Grand Master declared each child’s individual interests and announced which house would be perfect for each of them. Every child received a welcome postcard featuring the house mascots – Lenny the Lion, Digby the Dragon, Sunshine the Unicorn and Peggy Pegasus!

The House Heads with their House Mascots then gathered outside for a chance to get to know the children a bit better. Mr Moss kindly baked everyone cookies in their house colours for morning break, too.

It was an amazing, memorable morning for all!

Miss Warmington