Nursery launched into space this week! The children discovered moon rocks had crash landed into their classroom and worked together to break them open to discover what was hidden inside. They learnt about the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong and British astronaut Major Tim Peake. The children were mesmerised watching the black and white clips of the 1969 moon landing and loved pretending to go on their own space adventure. 

After reading ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy and ‘Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers, the children’s imaginations were filled with astronauts, rockets and adventures to the moon. The children shared ideas about what a space rocket would need, each sketching their own rocket designs before making a class space rocket. They also looked at images of the moon and its craters, to inspire their own textured moon paintings.  

Reception have been exploring closer to home this week. The children have been looking at healthy lifestyles and creating fact files about famous sportsman Mo Farah. They spoke about different ways of keeping healthy and worked in mixed ability groups to create their own healthy lifestyle posters. After thinking about their own sporting abilities and how to be healthy, the children completed a transport survey on the school grounds, to see whether cars or healthier alternatives were more common. 

Maybe we might have a future astronaut and sportstar in the making?

Miss Al-Dujaili