As we await the start of the Commonwealth Games in our own city, Pre-Prep participated in their very own athletic events on Wednesday morning. Sports day 2022;  the sun shone, the crowd gathered and the children competed, full of smiles and happy faces. 

The children have been building up to the day with lots of practising taking place in their PE lessons and they had done a super job designing and creating their class banners, which they proudly displayed as they walked, some bursting with excitement whilst others a little more apprehensive, on to track side. 

We saw some super performances from Nursery right through to Year 2. Whether they were running, jumping, balancing or skipping, the children fulfilled the BCS value; ‘cheerfully tried hard’. It was lovely to see them cheering each other on and they were delighted with their colourful sports day sticker for their efforts.

The event finished with the excitement of the KS1 relays and this year the children were competing for the new Pre prep relay trophies. There was some slick baton changing and excellent teamwork on display. Congratulations to 1V & 2NW, the class relay winners.

Thank you to all who have contributed to a fun and active day. It is a team effort and it could not take place without your support.

Well done to all!

Mrs Fletcher