Esme Shiu (3HW) – For completing great English work and trying hard in every subject. Well done.

Lana Saha (3JW) – For producing some excellent work in her English lessons and having a great attitude to her learning.

Louisa Hope (3MH) – For persevering with her handwriting, which has improved, and being an excellent helper around the classroom.

Noah Barnes (3VF) – For displaying great perseverance and resilience and working hard.

Enaya Aftab (4EB) – For excellent effort in RE and sharing her knowledge with the class.

Karam Dosanjh (4ES) – For persevering with her handwriting, which has improved, and being an excellent helper around the classroom.

Rayan Basu (4LJ) – For working hard in every lesson and always displaying the BCS values.

Shruti Sivaraman (4PT) – For trying hard with her written work in Science and Humanities.

Fotios Matopoulos (5BH) – For displaying an excellent attitude to learning and enthusiasm in lessons.

Toby Williams (5RA) – For displaying drive and determination to achieve his best in all that he does daily.

Anusha Singh (6AN) – For always putting in 100% effort to ALL subjects and activities she participates in. Despite having to juggle lots of responsibilities, she does everything with a positive and hardworking attitude.

Rayan Anderson (6DC) – For brilliant contributions in lessons and demonstrating the BCS values at all times!

Zayn Ahmed (6JM) – For having a really positive approach to life at BCS and an increased contribution to lessons this week!

Jacob Romano (6JR) – For being a superstar in the lead up to the Bugsy Malone production. Super dedication.

Isabella Gabriel (6RS) – For continuing to still give her all to lessons despite a busy schedule of music, rehearsals, etc.


Kitty Burgess (3JW) – For her friendly and caring attitude towards others.

Reha Najran (3MH) – For persevering in everything she does, showing patience until she has secured her learning.

Finn Burrell (4ES) – For always being kind and respectful, and showing perseverance in his work.

Lexi Higgs (4PT) – For always being polite and trying her hardest in all subjects.

Kingsley Chen (5AG) – For having a really positive approach to life at BCS and contributing well to all lessons!

Neve D’Naute (5BH) – For always showing her BCS values and persevering in all she does

Eliza Coughlan (5RA) – For a being a brilliant and kind peer to a new member of the Form, for displaying the BCS values at all times and for really pushing herself in lessons.

Robert Miller (6JM) – For a brilliant attitude towards all aspects of school life, displaying the BCS values at all times and really pushing himself in lessons.

Avni Samra (6JR) – For demonstrating a super work ethic, particularly in maths lessons.

Siyuan Ou (6RS) – For always giving 100% to everything she does with a positive outlook on school life! A great embodiment of BCS Values.



Caterina Gore (3VF) – For playing well in the house and involving herself in games. Good participation.

Emmanuel Oguzie (3MH) – Playing well with the equipment and trying hard in the house.


Florence Horwitch-Smith (4EB) – For being extremely helpful to the Bubble staff.

Oli Cowley (4LJ) – For always spreading happiness and smiles!

Aatika Chaudhury (4PT) – For always being polite and helpful.

Jayden Liu (4PT) – For entertaining the House with his musical skills.

Arya Madhaven (4ES) – For excellent manners, showing kindness and making us smile.


Lara Sethi (5AG) – For her helpfulness and support in and around the Year 5 Bubble.

Aaron Masih (5RA) – For his incredible support in and around the Year 5 Bubble.

Ismail Yasin-Hussain (5KF) and Ritika Harsh (5BH) – for their efforts helping to tidy the House on many occasions.


Raheena Nadeem – For showing respect, kindness and excellent manners at all times.

Nandini Kumar (6DC) – For always spreading positivity in the house and demonstrating exceptional manners to staff.


Thomas Hodges – Excellent spin bowling and running between the wickets when batting in his cricket games.

Mia Mudie


Maryum Zaman (3HW) – For decorating her pencil pot with a fantastic gargoyle inspired face. We were incredibly impressed with Maryum’s attention to detail and hard work this week. Keep it up!

Daniel Tyler (5AG) – From the start of this project Daniel has worked amazingly. His tealight holder is simply fantastic and made to the highest standard. Daniel should be so incredibly proud of himself.

Esther Sun (4LJ) – For producing a beautifully refined mirror, inspired by the work of Antoni Gaudi. Throughout the project she has worked independently and has been incredibly focused. Esther should be really proud of her efforts.

Rayan Anderson (6DC) – Inspired by a recent trip to The Barber Institute, Rayan has designed his own exhibition, creating a model for it too! Well done Rayan, what fantastic work!