The Computing curriculum in Pre-Prep is rich and varied, giving every child the opportunity to use a variety of technologies to enhance their learning. In EYFS, computing permeates through the whole curriculum from counting, learning about different stories and even moving the queen and her corgi around using the beebots! They also begin to use the chromebooks and use the ipads to take photographs and record videos of each other. Year 1 children are talented artists, using painting programs to create self portraits and ebooks. We have budding animators in Year 2, who have created multi-screen space animations. By using Mashcams, the children have also transported themselves to 1666 into the body of Samuel Pepys as part of their Great Fire of London topic! Online safety is a key message taught throughout the whole Pre-Prep so the children have a clear understanding of how to be safe and respectful whilst working online.

Mrs Wingfield