‘Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.’ Carl Sagan

Our 2022 Science Fair was launched at the end of the Lent Term. In some ways, the most challenging part of the entire process for the children is to determine the topic and, specifically, the key scientific question to be investigated.

This year’s projects addressed a variety of fascinating questions spanning many diverse fields of science: 

Does gaming improve reaction times?

How does the structure of a building affect its stability?

Why does jelly wobble?

Which fruit makes the best battery?

What conditions affect a tennis ball’s bounce?

What makes the fastest propeller?

Can you generate electricity from stored water?

How does artificial blue light affect sleep?

Is there anything to be done to reduce the feeling of pain?


The children were guided through the stages of the Scientific Method: Question, Research, Hypothesis, Method (including the ‘Fair Test’ principle), Results, Analysis and Conclusion. The final step was to produce the presentation board, and then we were ready to hold our Fair!

On the day of the Science Fair, we have welcomed our five judges:

King Edward VI High School for Girls   Mr Mel Hopkinson     KEHS Outreach 

King Edward VI Five Ways School         Miss  Emma Fallon     Subject Leader: Biology   

Solihull School      Miss Eloise Saunders (Physics)                          

Newman University (Senior Science & Forest School Lecturer)      Mr Sohail Khan

The National Science and Mathematics College (Vice Principal)      Dr Penny Robotham 


Each child talked to a judge for approximately ten minutes about their project. The judges scored the projects according to criteria shared with children and parents at the beginning of the projects: Creativity, Scientific Thought, Thoroughness, Skill and Clarity.  The judges conferred after each session and revisited a number of the projects together. At the end of the day, deliberations took place, and finally they reached a decision. They were overwhelmingly complimentary regarding the high standard of the projects and the effective communication of scientific learning and understanding demonstrated by the children. The completed projects display all of the elements we were seeking: endeavour, application, creativity, problem solving and scientific thoroughness. The children have demonstrated their Blue Coat Values and cheerfully tried hard. Without doubt, they have built upon their understanding of science and the investigative process. They have experienced the scientific method first hand and dealt with any difficulties as they arose. 

I am incredibly proud of each and every Year 6 child and their commitment to science throughout the year. In my mind, they’re all winners and should be immensely proud of what they have accomplished.

Mrs Simmons


Overall Winner: Rayan Anderson


Highly Commended:

Sai Chauhan

Maya Laroiya

Yashna Maghizh

Joshua Li

Beatrice Salvi

Wilf Crow-Marcetic

Kanav Biswas

Bikram Khan

Harry Fraser

Abhav Massey

Lucius Proctor

Ethan Graves

Sofia Mahmood

Aalisya Bhatti

Nandini Kumar

Maysahm Hamilton

Anya Kapil

Li Wan

Louis Thornewell

Esmee Raghavan

Jodh Singh

Kevin Ge

Milo Todd

Aarya Yallappa

Moritz Bong

Xavier Jabber


Runners Up:

Robert Miller

Mira Amlani

Jacob Romano

Silas Saha

Riah Bailey

Anusha Singh

Safiya Mughal

Avani Rai

Remy Granger

Vivek Ratti

Tom Cowleyhttps://vimeo.com/723318014/ed5af9fedc


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