As part of the 300th Year celebrations, the children in Pre-Prep have reflected upon looking after our school and the world for the pupils of the future. They have been involved in making a display that is now on show in the Pre-Prep gym. The children in each class chose an eco themed subject and drew an idea on a hexagon shaped template to illustrate the theme. These helped to contribute to a class idea which was decorated on a larger hexagon and became part of the whole Pre-Prep display in the gym. Each child wrote their name around a hexagon to demonstrate their promise to care and look after the world. The Eco Committee in Pre-Prep met regularly and had a large input into the display and collaged the picture of the world out of old pieces of scrap paper. Well done Pre-Prep, the display looks fantastic.  It’s great to see that you are continuing to look ahead by leading the way towards being ‘Caretakers of God’s World.’

Mrs Straw