Finley Ress (3HW) – For his kind attitude and general helpfulness in the classroom everyday.

Eesa Ahmed (3MH) – For being sensible and helpful and striving to do the right thing.

Raymond Song (3VF) – For trying his best in every lesson to contribute to class discussions.

Ines Kachloul (4EB) – A great attitude and for putting so much effort into everything she does.

Jaiya Suthi (4ES) – For showing kindness and perseverance, and a fabulous presentation for her Heroes project.

Tamara Porter (4LJ) – For being a very kind and caring ember of 4LJ and always putting others first.

Jayden Liu (4PT) – For excellent writing this week – a lovely recount and a detailed report.

Anna Bobrova (5RA) – For being a superstar, settling into new routines in 5RA, and at The Blue Coat School effortlessly.

Mani Kaur (5AG) – For being cheerful, kind and respectful to everyone within the school.

Noah Olayato-Moses (5BH) – For an excellent attitude towards all of his lessons this week!

Ismail Yasin-Hussain (5KF) – For showing an excellent attitude to learning and for striving to take his creative writing to the next level this week.

Joey Zhu (6AN) – For excellent work in Humanities. He thinks carefully about what he has learnt and uses that to generate an informed opinion. Great work ethic!

Nandini Kumar (6DC) – For the incredible effort she continues to put into all her lessons, especially in maths!

Dev Wangi (6JM) – For an excellent attitude towards all of his lessons this week!

Tia Sharma (6JR) – for showing enormous positivity and a great sense of humour.

Remy Granger (6RS) – For being an all-round superstar, even with so much in his schedule!


Yousef Najib (3HW) – For consistently showing his BCS values all year! Well done Yousef.

Jasper Neeson (4EB) – For great perseverance in everything he does, particularly shown this week in Maths when working on time.

Dhruv Karkhanis (4LJ) – For excellent effort in all his lessons and for always displaying The Blue Coat Values.

Yang He (5AG) – For showing an excellent attitude towards his learning, being a great peer and persevering through tasks with enthusiasm.

Zail Bhatti (5KF) – For his enthusiasm towards learning and his thoughtful contributions in lessons.

Armaan Iqbal (6AN) – For consistently demonstrating a hardworking attitude and for being resilient in his learning. Has worked particularly hard in creative writing with some great results!

Rayan Anderson (6DC) – For consistently demonstrating the Blue Coat values and contributing excellently to lessons all term, as well as an incredible Science Fair project!

Xavier Jabbar (6DC) – For always making the right choices and being on task at all times, but also for really pushing himself this term and contributing brilliantly to lessons!



Maryum Zaman (3HW)– For her cheerfulness and kind nature when playing in the house.

Anna Sun (3JW) – For her cheerfulness and happy, polite smile everyday in the house.


Loic Granger (4EB) – For being friendly and inclusive in the Bubble.

Ihra Karkhanis (4EB) – For kindness and respect in the Bubble.

Edith Pemble (4ES) – For kindness and being so cheerful and friendly!

Lucian Lau (4PT) – For being helpful and excellent manners.


Toby Agadagba (5AG) – For his efforts helping to tidy the house on many occasions.

Mei-Li Taylor (5BH) – For her efforts collecting equipment from all corners of the field after outdoor House time.


Xavier Jabbar (6DC) and Haoyang Sun (6AN) – for their cheerful positive personality and good manners.


Umaiza Kashif (5RA)


Elizabeth Nganwa (3VF) – for creating a fantastic Gargoyle inspired pot. She has worked incredibly careful and has incorporated creative additions like the wiggly worm crawling through her gargoyle’s head. Elizabeth should be very proud of her achievements in D&T.

Aaron Masih (5RA) – For creating a fantastic castle tealight holder. We love the amount of detail he has included, right down to the little soldier on the outside of the castle. Great potting! We cannot wait to see it completed over the next few weeks.

Bavanjot Hunjan (6AN) – For continuously worked hard within D&T. She should be really proud of the Memory Box she has created.