U10 Bears Boys’ House Cricket

Result: St Philip’s won by 22 runs

Player of the Match: Thomas Hodges

In the fierce battle between red and green, it was the red of St Philip’s who emerged victorious in the U10 Bears House Cricket match. Electing to bat first, St Philip’s started slowly with some early wickets lost due to some sharp fielding by Ismaeel and some tight and accurate bowling by Hugo and Seb, with Hugo even breaking a bail in half! The second batting pair of Tom and Sam however reversed these fortunes, with some exceptional batting and running between the wickets and Tom punishing anything overpitched to the boundary. Vidur and Dan continued this, with Vidur playing some beautiful lofted drives over mid on and Dan running between the wickets intelligently. Will and Toby showed a great balance of finding the ropes but accumulating runs by placing the ball into the gaps. St George’s bowled and fielded well with Aditya sharp between the stumps taking some quick stumpings, and Ismaeel, Oliver, and Rohan all bowling accurately. The final score of 281 was a great recovery from a slow start.

It was a similar start to the second innings with St Philip’s taking early wickets through Will and Kabir. Into the second pair, despite some smart running between the wickets from Seb and Rohan, Tom and Dan’s accurate bowling enabled their team to continue to pick up wickets. Toby and Ahryan batted sensibly, looking for singles and not losing wickets, but not many boundary balls were bowled by Jai and Sam. This continued with the next pair, Kabir bowling an excellent over. Into the final pair, 60 runs were needed in 4 overs and despite some smart running between the wickets from Oli and Aditya and some boundaries scored, St George’s finished 22 runs short of the total in a game decided by their superior running between the wickets and energy in the field. A special mention must go to William for a spectacular diving catch running back and over his head for St Philip’s.

Mr Gregory


U10 Pears Boys’ House Cricket

Result: St Philip’s won by 13 runs

Player of the Match: Leon Seymour

On paper, I knew this was going to be a tight match, but I didn’t expect it to be this close! With 12 balls remaining in the game the scores were equal; both teams on 299 runs. I was thoroughly impressed with the progress and the accuracy of the bowling, with each pupil putting the batters under pressure to bat well. St Philip’s batted first, displaying patience and good communication between the wickets, especially Nirvan and Shaan who scored a whopping 32 runs off 24 balls. Xander opened the bowler for St George’s with tremendous speed and accuracy, giving away only 6 runs off 12 balls. St George’s responded well, especially Arush and Max, scoring 37 off 24 balls. A special mention to Leon and Nirvan who both took double wickets in a single over. Crucially, Leon took his two wickets in the second to last over which put the batter under immense pressure to chase down St Philip’s score. Unfortunately, it was too much and St Philip’s held their nerve and bowled a terrific final two overs to keep St George’s at 299.

Mr Melia


U10 Jets Boys’ House Cricket

Result: Tie

Players of the Match: Rayyan Jawaid & Yang He

The U10s played out a fantastic game of cricket that ended in a tie. It was played in a wonderful spirit and every boy enjoyed themselves. St George’s batted first and scored a respectable 303, with Hasan and Daven, and Yang scoring well. It was great to see Ishan and Otis bowling well with a straight arm. St Philip’s started brightly in their response and were looking on course for victory as Thomas and Rayyan belted the ball, but some great bowling from Ismael meant the game ended a tie. Well played all!

Mr Protherough

U9 Girls’ House Cricket

Result: St Margaret’s won all 3 matches

Players of the Match: 

St Margaret’s: Elle Browne, Mia Mudie, Paarus Dhillon

St Monica’s: Anushka Aulak, Aadya Gulati, Malia Muhammad

This was the final time that the girls competed as U9 for their House, and the excitement filled the air as they walked to their respective pitches. Whilst St Margaret’s came away with all 3 victories, on the day it was incredible to see the level of progression the girls have made in such a technical game. Their batting is certainly a strength, many scoring 4s, including Maliha, Paarus, Charissa, Susie and Ines. In addition, the girls’ fielding skills are going from strength to strength. Particularly in the A team’s match, the girls denied several balls hitting the boundary. Mia’s determination to stop these balls was frustrating for St Margaret’s, well done Mia! Whilst there was still a real range of bowling seen today it highlighted how difficult it is to actually bowl the right line and length and Enaya and Katherine bowling wickets. What a great way to end the term with all of Year 4 out on all our school field filling them with the colours of each House. Well done girls, a great way to end the Cricket term!

U9 Jets Boys’ House Cricket

Result: St Philip’s won by 19 runs

Player of the Match: Joobin Hariri

In the battle between red and green it was the red of St Philip’s that were victorious in the U9 Jets House matches. Batting first St Philip’s got off to a positive start despite some accurate bowling by Raess and Jayden L. Jayden G and Jonathan displayed some excellent running between the wickets accumulating a lot of 2s for their team. The next batting pair really increased the scoring rate for St Phillips with Jack and Joobin scoring some boundaries for their team, Joobin was impressive striking the ball with power. Lucian and Jerry were able to score some boundaries making the St Philip’s total competitive. Despite some strong batting, Raess and Jayden L were able to get some wickets for St George’s to reduce the score of St Philip’s to give them a final total of 314.

St George’s knew they had to come out firing with the bat and were able to do this with Raess striking a huge 6 out of the ground. Despite this, some accurate bowling by Jerry and Jayden G kept the score down with both picking up wickets for their team. James L-B and Salmaan were the next batters tasked with approaching the St Philip’s total, and were able to score three boundaries in their four overs. Into the final batting pair Trystan and Krish were assisted by a few wides and no ball but hit some boundaries to make the final two overs interesting. With 24 needed, that meant sixes and fours were a must. However, two accurate overs and a couple of wickets by Lucian and Jayden ensured St Philip’s defended their score and were the winners by 19 runs in an entertaining House match from Year 4.

Mr Gregory


U9 Bears Boys’ House Cricket

Result: St George’s won by 46 runs

Players of the Match: Rayan Basu and James Barwell

We were all treated to a thrilling game of Cricket which clearly demonstrated the progress which has been made by each pupil over this last term. St George’s were first to bat with Loic and Idris opening. This was a superb display of mature batting and running between the wickets with excellent communication which resulted in scoring 39 off 24 balls – the highest of the day. St George’s continued this success with some excellent boundaries and making the most of every opportunity to run eventually scoring 289. A special mention to Rayan B and Oli who both took 2 wickets in a single over.

St Philip’s had Rayan C and Oli opening for them and came under instant pressure, however they held their nerve and achieved some early runs. Rayan B and Myle were the highest scoring batsmen for St Philip’s, scoring 23 off 24 balls. Special mentions to Arjun and Loic who also took two wickets in a single over. Both teams excelled with their bowling putting the batter under immense pressure. All pupils showed resilience and courage to carry on for the good of their team, showing excellent Blue Coat values throughout this game. Well done to all involved.

Mr Melia


U9 Pears Boys’ House Cricket

Result: St George’s won

Player of the Match: George Griffiths-Stamboulis

House matches are a great way to see progress and this it was fantastic to see a few unsung heroes performing well in this match. George hit the ball very well as did Jago for St George’s. Joobin, who doubled up due to numbers, played some glorious cover drives, and Zimo struck the ball cleanly for St Philip’s. On the bowling front, there were also some great performance; Ben showed great potential to bowl fast and Judah bowled with great accuracy for St George’s, whilst for St Philip’s, Jerry showed promise as did Siyuan. A good game which St George’s narrowly won.

Mr Protherough

U11A Boys’ Cricket v Solihull School

Result: BCS won by 6 runs

Player of the Match: Remy Granger

The U11As played a 100 Ball game against Solihull on Wednesday and came away with a comfortable victory. What was great to see was the number of players who bowled well, as everyone bar the opening batters bowled 2 overs. The usual suspects of James and Remy were excellent again but it was others such as Arjun D, Arjun G, Anusha and Jai who all bowled beautifully, showing great control and accuracy. Solihull had 2 or 3 very good players, so to keep their score to 88 was a great team effort. The chase did not start well with Greg out to a good catch. However Aarya, Remy and James batted intelligently to see the team home with 15 balls to spare.

Mr Protherough


U11C Boys’ Cricket v Solihull School

Result: BCS won by 11 runs

Player of the Match: Louis Thornewell

A bittersweet victory today as this was a superb performance, but unfortunately a final one too. BCS opted to bat first, and set a good target of 278. BCS hit the ground running finding the boundary early within the match. However, they became a little complacent with their running between the wickets as they continued to watch the ball after hitting it. Thankfully, Louis bucked the trend and used his voice to good use, calling runs early and making the most of every hit. The difference between the teams was the accuracy of the bowling. I was immensely impressed with the accuracy and consistency of the boys’ bowling, giving away very few easy runs. Again, Louis provided superb support and focus on the field to become an easy selection for today’s player of the match. All in all, a superb team performance which clearly demonstrates how far these pupils have grown throughout this year.

Mr Melia


U11D Boys’ Cricket v Solihull School

Result: BCS won by 51 runs

Players of the Match: Adam Abdul-Galeel and Kevin Ge


U11E Boys’ Cricket v Solihull School

Result: BCS lost by 49 runs

Players of the Match: Bikram Kang and Abhav Massey

In their last cricket fixture for BCS, the boys performed brilliantly throughout a thrilling game of cricket against Solihull. The progress they had made was evident in all aspects of the game, with some fantastic bowling, batting and fielding on show. Solihull opened the batting and got off to a strong start. Some excellent bowling from Bikram and Joshua helped to keep the score down, each taking a wicket. In the final over faced by Solihull, tremendous bowling and fielding from Xavier and Bikram led to three wickets being taken! Despite the fantastic efforts from the boys, Solihull finished on 301.

Although they were chasing a big score, BCS battled until the end and put in an wonderful batting display. Abhav put in a particularly impressive performance, with six fours and a six from the balls he faced! At the end of the game, Blue Coat finished on a total of 252, a valiant effort. Even though this wasn’t the result the boys hoped for, they should be proud of their efforts; the way in which they persevered and continued to work hard until the last ball, as well as the huge progress they have made across the Trinity term is something to be admired – well done!

Mr Coley

U11A Girls’ House Cricket 

Result: St Monica’s won by 17 runs

Players of the Match:

Batter – Isabel Wyndham and Beatrice Salvi

Bowler – Rosa Lester & Yashna Mghizh

Fielder – Evangaline Ernest & Ria Upadhyay 

A final showdown for the Year 6s, glorious sunshine and both teams eager to do well for their house all made for a superb afternoon of cricket. It has been a pleasure to work with these girls and watch them progress as the term has gone on. All the girls are now bowling good line and length and a few are able to put good pace on the ball. In the field they are backing each other up and starting to move to the ball. We had some excellent catches in the field and it was great to see the girls thinking tactically of where to place there fielders.

With the bat we had a great display of 4s and 6s, with the girls connecting well with the ball and hitting a variety of shots. A few girls were able to hit the ball in the gaps and run hard to pick up valuable singles. It was very competitive close game, but St Monica’s were just able to snatch victory with some excellent batting in the last few overs.

Miss Crews

U8 Jets Boys’ House Cricket

Result: St George’s won by 15 runs

Player of the Match: Noah Barnes

House matches always bring out a new level of excitement and tension. St George’s opted to bat first and looked to get some early runs in the bag. St Philip’s bowled and fielded well and shut down any running opportunity quickly. The final pair for St George’s was Noah and Chris who scored an unstoppable 37 runs – more than all the other batters combined! With a score of 250, St Philip’s had a challenge ahead of them. Raymond and James were St Philip’s highest scorers with 15 runs off 24 balls. Going into the last over, the momentum was with St Philip’s as they were quickly closing the gap, however St George’s bowling and fielding proved to be to much. This was a superb match which clearly demonstrated how far each pupil has progressed this term, with regards to performance and understanding. Well done all!

Mr Melia


U8 Bears Boys’ House Cricket

Result: St Philip’s won by 9 runs

Player of the Match: Sahib Pahal


U8 Pears Boys’ House Cricket

Result: St Philip’s won by 24 runs

Player of the Match: Shivesh Nischal

The U8 Pears cricket match was a run fest with both sides striking the ball well. Shivesh was the star of the show for St Philip’s, batting beautifully and hitting numerous 6s. He was ably supported by George and Max and they set a formidable score of 363. This proved too many for St George’s although Arin batted well as did Samson. There is still a lot to do with regard to bowling but I thought Finley and Jonathan were the pick of the bowlers. A good game played in a nice spirit, and I’m sure that as their concentration skills develop there are some talented cricketers in this group.

Mr Protherough

U8 Girls’ House Cricket

Result: St Monica’s won all 3 matches

The air filled with excitement as the girls prepared for their final House matches of the year. It was fabulous to see the front field filled with colour and the girls using the main wicket. Each pair faced 3 overs and scores were high in each game with boundaries being hit by Louisa and Summer, and a bowled wicket by Reha. The children delighted in gaining runs for their team and the fielders put pressure on the batters by retrieving the ball so quickly. The limited no balls that were awarded shows such progress by the girls. What a great afternoon seeing all 40 of the U8 girls now enjoying playing the sport, and particularly for St Monica’s as they won all of the matches.

Mrs Bennett