Over the last three weeks, we have been delighted to welcome back to Blue Coat Scarlett Brunning, a former pupil and a keen poet and writer, who has run a series of poetry and creative writing workshops with some of our Year 4 and 5 children.
The Year 4 children learned about different types of poetic language and techniques, such as stanzas, metre, feet, enjambment and caesura. They revised different forms of figurative language, such as similes, metaphors and alliteration, and then challenged themselves to identify and use pathetic fallacy and personification. They also participated in a treasure hunt around the classroom.
The Year 5 children consolidated their knowledge and understanding of prose writing, looking at characters, plot and descriptive language. They analysed sections of their favourite books and then began to plan and write their own story. We look forward to reading some of their finished pieces. The treasure hunt was once again a highlight!
We would like to thank Scarlett for her energy and enthusiasm and for coming and for teaching us so much.
Miss Patel