Dezhen Chen (3HW) – For continual hard work and impressive presentation. Well done Dezhen.

Monty Webb (3JW) – For his effort with his extended writing this week.

Jovan Aeitan (3MH) – For demonstrating perseverance outside of school, and for being a cheerful presence in the classroom.

Florence Horwitch-Smith (4EB) – For super work on telling the time in Maths.

Mia Mudie (4ES) – For her kindness, always being ready to help and working hard in class.

Navya De (4LJ) – For always approaching her work in a positive manner and with a smile on her face.

Aatika Chaudhry (4PT) – For always trying hard and being helpful.

Aashni Shah (5AG) – For heartily applying herself to tasks with 100% effort and energy.

Shreya Raja (5BH) – For always doing the right thing, showing brilliant manners, and always being a cheery presence in the classroom.

Sophie Longworth (5KF) – For her excellent attitude to learning and for her brilliant effort in maths this week

Aaron Masih (5RA) – For being a kind pupil and offering support to staff members in preparing a digital montage for the House Charity Day.

Jack Robinson (5AN) – For his commitment to his role in the production – including a very convincing accent!

Blake Bushell (6DC) – For continuing to be incredibly kind and supportive towards his peers 100% of the time, as he has done all year!

Sai Chauhan (6JM) – For excellent collaboration in his Theme Park Project work and a positive week leading up to his performance in the play!

Maysahm Hamilton (6JR) – For stepping into an additional role in the play and contributing with focus and confidence.

Yixian Li (6RS) – For demonstrating exceptional confidence in the Year 6 production – really putting herself out of her comfort zone.


Jonathan Nadew (3MH) – For being a role model BCS pupil, showing the Blue Coat Values at all times this year.

Effy Xia (3HW) – For having a positive and ‘can do’ attitude.

Arya Bhala (4ES) – For kindness, positivity and always working to the best of her ability.

Malika Zahra Hiridjee Hassam (4PT) – For being kind and friendly as well as always showing the BCS Values.

Otis Hodge (5RA) – For consistently demonstrating a hardworking attitude and for being resilient in his learning, accompanied with a smile daily!

Ritika Harsh (5BH) – For always giving 100% to everything she does with a positive outlook on school life! A great embodiment of BCS Values.

Avani Rai (6JM) – For always being so enthusiastic and for consistently showing the BCS Values.

Adam Abdul-Galeel (6JR) – For always contributing to class and year group events with energy, enthusiasm and respect for others.

Aadya Agarwal (6RS) – For always demonstrating enthusiasm to her learning and being such a team player supporting Year 3 with their reading.



Summer Wedgbury (3MH) – For her sunny nature and happy smile coming into the house in the mornings as well as always showing her BCS values.

Jacob Cronin (3VF) – For playing well in the house and always showing his BCS values.


Destinee McKenzie (4PT) – For being polite, helpful and friendly in the Bubble.

Joobin Hariri (4PT) – For being tidy, considerate and very smiley!


Sinai Hamilton (5RA) – For her efforts helping to tidy up around the House.

Daniel Tyler (5AG) – For playing well in the house and making sensible choices.


All of Year 6 for superb performances in Bugsy Malone!


Shivesh Nischal (3HW) – For excellent batting and bowling performance during his House Cricket game


Arin Nair (3JW) – For making an incredibly inventive face. It looks fantastic and makes a real statement. Arin should be really proud of his potting today.

Florence Horwitch-Smith (4EB) – For a fantastic looking Gaudi-inspired mirror frame and impressive colour mixing skills. Keep up the great work Flo!

Judah Hughes (4LJ) – For making a fantastic effort decorating his mosaic mirror today. He worked very carefully to ensure that the coloured tiles he used worked effectively with his painted areas. Judah should be really proud of his achievements this week!

Max Horwitch-Smith (5KF) – For working brilliantly throughout his D&T project. We are so impressed by his persistent enthusiasm and care he exhibits within his work. Max should be incredibly proud of his efforts this term.