Last Thursday and Friday, two delighted audiences were entertained by Year 6’s performances of an action-packed ‘Bugsy Malone’. This year, the pupils performed in two casts, giving everyone in Year 6 the opportunity to shine: and they certainly did! Many pupils played multiple roles and everybody took responsibility for ensuring the action flowed with energy and panache. Sai and Jacob took the title role, each projecting Bugsy’s relaxed charm in style, ably surrounded by the spirited but sensitive Blousey (Susie and Erin), loveable gangster Fat Sam (Ethan and Vivek) and the iconically poised Tallulah (Riah and Beatrice). There were also outstanding solos from the aspiring dancer, Fizzy (Esmee and Mira) and boxing coach, Cagey Joe (James and Silas). The supporting cast members were all on lively form, entertaining their audiences with witty patter, rousing songs and immaculately slick dance routines. And above all…splurge guns! Throughout the play, the drama was punctuated by stylishly-clad mobsters waging gangland wars armed with custard pies and silly string! All-in-all, the performances represented an amazing level of teamwork and – as the final song says – ‘Good friends do tend to make you smile.’ I am sure both audiences would agree!

Mrs Redfern

Congratulations to both casts for superb performances of the iconic Bugsy Malone. Paul Murphy, the original Leroy Smith, was impressed with what he saw each night, and thoroughly enjoyed talking to the children beforehand.  Well done to the production team too, led by Director Mrs Redfern, for an outstanding display. Everyone involved had an incredible experience, one which will live on in their memories for years to come. Bravi tutti!