All of 3HW – For being a wonderful class and a pleasure to teach all year!I feel very privileged to have been on your journey through Year 3.

Luca Ottengo (3JW) – For his effort when checking his written work and giving 100% at all times.

All of 3MH – For being an amazing class and a pleasure to teach, and for all making great progress and working hard this year.

Anushka Aulak (4EB) – For fantastic progress in Creative Writing this year – showing great determination and focus to improve her work.

Jerry Kang (4LJ) – For improved participation in class and for his focus when reading in ERIC.

Paarus Dhillon (4PT) – For excellent contributions to class discussions this week.

William Nicholson (5AG) – For showing kindness to others throughout the year.

William Almond (5BH) – For brilliant contributions in lessons and demonstrating the BCS values at all times!

Rayyan Jawaid (5KF) – For going above and beyond with his persuasive writing; producing an extensive and informative piece on why there should be more sport at BCS.

Mia Sargeant (5RA) – For the incredible effort she continues to put into all her lessons, especially in English!

All of 6AN – For being so welcoming and helpful and have made my start at BCS an awesome one…thank you! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you all.

All of 6DC – for being such an incredible class. You have been a pleasure to work with and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you and being your form tutor!

All of 6JM – Well done to all of you for being such a supportive and kind class. You have all done yourselves proud this year!

All of 6JR – For being an amazing team, who support each other, work hard and have fun! Thanks for giving your all this term!

All of 6RS – For being a wonderful, lively and brilliant class to teach. I feel very privileged to have been your Form Tutor this year!


Sahib Pahal (3HW) – For consistently showing his BCS values and always listening to and acting on advice, when given. Well done Sahib.

Esther Sun (4LJ) – For showing the BCS values in lessons and around school, in all she does.

Leon Seymour (5BH) – For an organised and focused approach to his work, particularly in Humanities , and always displaying the BCS Values.

Lydia Braham (5KF) – For kindness, positivity and always working to the best of her ability.

Liang Zi Zhao (6AN) – For always cheerfully persevering – despite having lost her voice, she still wanted to play her part in the production of Bugsy. Well done for being an excellent team player!

Shawn Sen (6DC) – For a brilliant attitude towards school life and always having time for others. All year he has had nothing but a positive impact on those around him!



All of Year 3 – For showing respect, kindness, companionship, care and BCS values. Well done Year 3!



Every single Blue Coat child for taking part in the 300th celebration concert, and for giving it their all during the rehearsals!