Welcome back to one and all

To say that this has been an historic week is, for once, not an overstatement.

On Monday, we got a new Prime Minister, Liz Truss.

On Tuesday, she was welcomed to Balmoral by Her Royal Highness.

On Wednesday lunchtime, Liz Truss represented  the reigning monarch’s new Government at the Dispatch Box. And on Thursday early evening she announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Excuse me for leaving my readers to their own feelings, while I distract myself by looking further afield to the horrific situation in Pakistan.

The flooding there is a major tragedy, and to show our support – even in a humble way – we have planned a Home Clothes Day on Friday 16 September. We will accept all donations (with a minimum of £2), and all proceeds will go to support the people affected by this disaster. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Appropriately, when The Rev Andrew Hutchison led our chapel service on Friday, he spoke about the value of kindness. It was a thought provoking service and reinforced how kindness is such an important factor in our daily lives.

As many of us tried to imagine the desperate situation in Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and Kashmir, Rev Andrew took time to visit Pre-Prep and do an assembly on small acts of kindness. The children very much enjoyed the assembly and responded well.

Additionally, it was lovely for me to address both the Prep and Pre-Prep School during their respective start of term assemblies.

The theme was ‘Our BCS Values‘:

  • Being truthful and kind
  • Persevering 
  • Showing Respect 

We looked at what friendship truly means and how the School’s key values play an integral part in this. We discussed how friendships can be with all sorts of people and with our pets. Baxter, my dog, even paid a visit to the assembly – much to the delight of the children and staff!

A special well done in advance to all the Year 6 children who will be attending the Sprint Finish programme this weekend in preparation for the upcoming assessments. The Year 6 children have been showing an excellent attitude and work ethic in class this week.

I would like to extend a general thank you to all parents for all the supportive comments on the induction process. It has been both refreshing and inspiring to see our amazing children and eager staff hit the ground running. We continue to work as one – and continue our pursuit of excellence.

Happy weekend, one and all.