Blue Coat Bear Awards:

Cheerfully Trying Hard
Ky Lo – NA
Isa Faris – NH
Aria Saund – NR
Iffy Ahmed – RG
Zahra Kazi – RZ
Hannah Mughal – 1F
Kourosh Zolghadr-Mazlaghani – 1V

Showing Respect
Aarna Gautam – RS
Adam Rashid – 1H
Shiva Kolli – 2M
Henry Shastri-Wharf – 2S
Savaiya Dosanjh – 2W

Truthful and Kind
Ava Chen – NK

Good Work/Behaviour – Head Teacher’s Awards
Chloe Taylor NA
Constance Southwell NH
Zayd Ali – NK
Avyan Garala – NR
Amie Jutlla – RG
Akaal Nafri – RS
Fahd Faris – RZ
Michael Nganwa – 1F
Lana Abdul-Galeel – 1H
Lyndsey Cao – 1V

Yusuf Ahmed – 2M
Aaryn Sharma – 2S
Akaal Pahal – 2W



Stand Out Artist

Summer Gao (3ZS)- Summer made a lovely Matisse paper collage. She worked independently, efficiently and even managed to complete the extension task. Summer should be really proud of her efforts this week.
Luca Ottengo & Jack Blacklaws (4JW)- Both Luca and Jack worked brilliantly together to create their Anne Boleyn portrait. Not only did the boys work so well together, but they used their knowledge of contrasting and complementary colours when decorating the clothing within their portrait. Both boys should be so proud of their achievements this week!
James Lawson-Bennet (5EW)- James worked brilliantly in this week’s Creative Arts lesson. Not only did he work completely independently, but he used his excellent shading skills and great care to produce his Anglo-Saxon inspired work. James should be really proud of his efforts this week.
Eva-Nicole Asanga, Sabreena Townsend, Tabitha Shaw (6KF)- Working as a group, the girls made a brilliant start on their Picasso inspired piece. All three worked carefully to mix up a variety of greyscale tones in order to produce an effective piece of art. The girls should be really proud of their work!


Rising Sports Star 

James Tyler (4JW)- Superb tackle technique, his ability to look after the ball in hand and his presentation of the ball on the floor. Also for demonstrating his BCS values throughout his lesson.

Reha Najran (4SS)- Excellent attitude to learning in PE and games, and demonstrating a ‘can do’ attitude this week in swimming. Well done Reha, keep up the hard work!


Bubble Champion Award

Everybody! (Year 3)- For settling in so well to Blue Coat and showing our values in the classroom!

Kitty Burgess (4SS)- For being so kind and taking pride in the House by tidying up everywhere!

Soman Hulait (4JL)- For being so helpful and tidying up the craft room beautifully.

Alessandro Maio (5EW)- For offering to turn off computers and monitors and therefore saving precious energy

Destinee McKenzie (5AG)- For helping to tidy the TV Room on several occasions this week, becoming an expert at using a dustpan and brush!

Munashe Jindu (6JR)- For excellent manners around and about the House. Really impressing the Y6 & House Staff!

Aarush Sen (6JR)- For a positive approach to looking after the House equipment – DIY-ing the football table!


Star of the Week

Adeline Lambert (3EB)- Wonderful enthusiasm in all lessons and for always putting in maximum effort to her work.

Ree hayer (3EC)- For working hard in lessons, always writing neatly and listening carefully to the teacher since the first day back to school.

Jasmine Bhala (3MH)- For working hard in lessons, always writing neatly and listening carefully to the teacher since the first day back to school.

Zane Taggar (3ZS)- For always listening attentively, asking thought provoking questions and applying himself well to all tasks.

Zayden Roubani (4SS)- For settling in so well at The Blue Coat School. Zayden works hard in lessons, gives of his best and actively participates in class. Well done, Zayden.

Etienne Laroiya (4JW)- For his quiet and hardworking attitude to produce his best work in all lessons this week.

William Wang (4JL)- For displaying the BCS values by always showing respect and perservering. William listens attentively whenever someone is speaking and he always focuses on whatever task is at hand.

Sahib Pahal (4ES)- For showing great perseverance and enthusiasm, especially during discussions in Humanities.

Shruti Sivaraman (5BH)- For cheerfully persevering when things are tricky.

Destinee McKenzie (5AG)- For a brilliant start to Year 5, for excellent effort in lessons and for having a positive attitude to her learning.

Joobin Hariri (5EW)- For a great start to Year 5, showing a positive attitude to learning and cheerfully trying hard in all lessons.

Emma Gao (5NB)- For being really resilient in getting used to not only Year 5 but the whole school itself. Emma has settled in well and is a fantastic addition to our school.

Lydia Braham (6JM)- For a great start to Year 6 and for contributing well to our PSHE discussion this week.

William Nicholson (6KF)- For an excellent start to Year 6 and for producing a brilliant letter in English this week.

Seb Raine (6DC)- For always being wonderfully polite and positive. He always has a smile on his face, with an excellent attitude towards school life!

Rohan Sharu (6JR)- For consistently showing good manners and helpfulness to others at the start of Year 6.


Golden Table

Yan Tang (3EB)- Always being so respectful both in lessons and out of the classroom.

Oscar Burrell (3SB)- For cheerfully persevering and trying hard in his lessons.

Gursimran Nandra (4SS)- For always displaying the BCS Values around school and in class. For producing some amazing holiday tasks and continuing this positive approach in all she does.

Kunal Tajuria (4JW)- For his exemplary manners and helpfulness to all the members of 4JW.

Audrey Yang (5BH)- Always being so respectful both in lessons and out of the classroom.

Katherine Kenall (5EW)- Cheerfully trying hard in all lessons, and showing an inquisitive attitude.

Fotios Matopoulos (6JM)- For always being enthusiastic and willing to help his peers especially in Humanities!

Ismaeel Alam (6KF)- For always showing the BCS values and for excellent effort in all his lessons this week.